Edinburgh Student Accommodation Updated Guide 2024

About Edinburgh City (United Kingdom)

One of Europe’s most exquisite towns is Edinburgh (United Kingdom). This place draws a lot of visitors from all over the world who are captivated by its enigmatic beauty. This area draws in a diverse crowd of history enthusiasts due to its alluring darkness and old walls.

The city is well-known for its enormous collection of medieval art, its rustic architecture, and its stunning rock formations. Additionally, the cost of student housing here is lower than in the majority of the larger cities, drawing in students from all over the world.

All of the students should be able to feel comfortable in these Student Accommodation Edinburgh.

The greatest area of Edinburgh to call home

Edinburgh is among the greatest locations. This is the ideal place for shopping, fine dining, and taking in the stunning architecture of the city. You can see some of the wide streets here, so the place is rather roomy.


Because all of the nearby universities are located here, this area is ideal for students. You can visit all the stunning locations if you can make reservations for lodging. The greatest lodging with the nicest amenities is available right here.


Another option for individuals looking for Student Apartments in Edinburgh is Potterrow. For individuals who have registered at the University of Edinburgh, it is among the greatest places. Seek for lodging that includes all utility costs.


Students who are drawn to the area’s ancient architecture and beauty adore it. Holyrood lies close by on Royale Mile.

Old Town:

It is a historically rich maze of cobblestone streets, secret courtyards, and alleyways. Edinburgh Castle, The Royal Mile (including Paterson’s Land campus), The Palace of Holyroodhouse, St. Giles’ Cathedral, the Scottish Parliament, and the National Museum of Scotland are all located here. 

New Town:

This neighborhood is characterized by a clean, well-organized grid layout that was influenced by the Scottish Enlightenment. New Town is home to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, the Georgian House, and many of Edinburgh’s upscale boutique stores on Princes Street, George Street, and Dundas Street.

It is densely packed with neoclassical and Georgian architecture from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Various types of housing for students in Edinburgh

University Halls:

First-year students typically prefer to live in the residence halls. It’s among the greatest choices of Student Housing Edinburgh. It has numerous benefits. Since you may easily stay on campus, your visit could be enjoyable.

Going to the library, sports club, class, and other places is now really simple. Meals are served at most university residence halls.

Additionally, you’ll meet and become friends with folks from diverse cultural backgrounds with ease. Any one of them is welcome to share the room.

While private halls can be more expensive than university halls, several websites provide the greatest private student housing at the lowest costs in the most expensive UK cities.


For students who have a strong attachment to their home, homesickness is a regular occurrence. The greatest possibilities for you are homestays if you fall into that category.

Living far away from home with another family might provide you joy and energy. Homestays offer you an incredible opportunity.

Particularly if the home you are staying with has prior experience hosting other students, these homestays can be rather peaceful.

Since your rent is included, you can easily pay for other expenses like groceries and washing. Living with a local family can help you become more familiar with the habits, language, and culture. 

Private student halls:

These are yet more excellent choices. The kitchen, bathroom and other facilities are shared by the students, who would rather remain in groups of two or three.

It is entirely dependent upon personal taste and financial constraints. There are different types of Student Rooms in Edinburgh available.

You can rent a private student house if you enjoy living alone and have sufficient funds. The majority of privately owned student housing is really practical.

Major universities and public transport are both close to these locations. Most private student housing has amenities including a gym, movie theatres, gaming rooms, and strong Wi-Fi. 

Private apartments:

After renting from both a private property and a reputable agent, newcomers typically move into a new home or apartment with friends.

It is not guaranteed by universities that you will be housed in dorms. You won’t have an option except to go straight into a private flat in such circumstances. It’s really enticing to stay at one of the greatest private residences. This will enable you to select the precise location and company you stay with.

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