What are the Best Options for Student Accommodation near Swansea University? 

About Swansea City

Swansea is home to many international students from across the world and the history dates back to many centuries. You can learn a lot of things over here. It is the second largest city in Wales and its southwest coast is situated within the historic boundaries.

The city is known for its Welsh professional football club which is the Swansea City Associated Football Club. The city is also renowned for its amazing transportation lines. Navigating around the city becomes so much easier for the students. 

The finest student areas for the students live in Swansea (United Kingdom)


It is one of the famous student areas as it has a good student population. They offer some of the best student accommodation in Swansea (United Kingdom). You can get easy access to Swansea University as well as some social amenities like bars, pubs, markets, restaurants, and so on. 

Bay Campus:

If you want to stay close to the university campus, then it is one of the best areas where you can find a mix of international students. There is a beach close by and it takes around 20 minutes to reach the city center. Everything else is located within walking distance in this area. 


It is one of the hilly areas and a place where you can find the best student apartments in Swansea (United Kingdom). They offer affordable rates as well as easy access to the city center. 

Cost of living in Swansea (United Kingdom)

Swansea is one of the budget-friendly places as compared to most of the cities in the UK. The cost of living over here will come around £790/month comprising of rent, food, transportation, and other extra expenses.

The cost of student housing over here will range from £125/week to £135/week. The price of the food completely depends on one’s eating and their spending habit.

If you cook meals at home, then the monthly groceries will come up to £200/month. If you go to a restaurant for meals then it will depend upon the kind of restaurant. But on average, the meals outside will cost around £8/person.

Some of the best accommodations in Swansea (United Kingdom)

True Swansea, Swansea:

True Swansea Swansea is one of the popular student housing Swansea that offers students a serene view over the River Tawe.

Those who want to study at the Univesity of Wales can reach the campus with ease. In addition, it, Swansea University is around a 7-minute drive away. The area over here is well-connected to the entire city through public transportation.

The nearest bus stop is around 10 minutes away. When you have a long weekend ahead of you, then you can head to the railway station which is only 15 minutes away, and go anywhere you want.

You can also plan a fun getaway trip with your college friends or the roomies. The international students must visit Swansea Castle which is within walking distance to learn more about the history of the city. 

Boutique Swansea:

Located in the heart of Swansea, Boutique Swansea is one of the top-notch options for international students who are here to shape their future. Not only does it make sure to provide you an accommodation within the vicinity of the university but also an eventful student life.

You will be glad to know that Swansea University is around 1.3 miles away. The student won’t have a lot of trouble commuting to the universities on an everyday basis as the transport accessibility is par excellence.

The bus routes over here are super-fast and well-connected to the city. Both the Masonic and Brunel Court bus stops are around 3-5 minutes away. 

Oldway Centre Swansea:

Oldway Center is another modern apartment where you can find the best student rooms Swansea situated on Orchard Street.

Those who attend Swansea University will be glad to know that it is around a 20-minute bus ride away. When you have free time, then you can go to the Singleton Park Library and study.

You can also enjoy a hot cup of coffee at the Hoffi Coffi shop located within the campus. The area is well-connected with the entire city through public transportation which makes traveling inside very easy.

The Swansea Train Station is around 2 minutes away so exploring the city during the weekends is much fun and hassle-free.