Why Should You Seek the Advice of an Astrologer Before Wearing Cat’s Eye Stone?

In Vedic astrology, all certified gemstones have importance, and they all have different ruling planets of the solar system that describe various human traits. People regularly wear diamonds, hessonite, or emeralds without appreciating the astrological benefits or the dangers they pose to their brains and bodies. One such example is the cat’s eye, also known as Lehsunia. In any event, the effects of the gemstone can be rather intense.

Ketu, one of the most vengeful planets, is connected with the Lehsuniya Gemstone. Even though it does not have a presence in the solar system, Indian astrologers believe that its effects may overwhelm the mystical power of the other planets. Ketu represents the moon’s south node and is related to rapid money, health, opponents, darkness, luck, and mental issues, according to Indian astrologers.

If Ketu is conjunct the positive houses in someone’s natal chart, the gemstone will offer them a lot of happiness and optimism. The advised course of action is to wear the gemstone after consultation with an astrologer. Ketu in the negative houses in one’s horoscope might bring a lot of bad luck, financial loss, misery, and so on. If worn properly, the advantages of lehsunia stone are beneficial.

Cat’s Eye Stone is different from other stones

Unlike other jewelry-grade stones, Lehsunia must be approved by an astrologer. Even if the astrologer recommends that you buy the stone, make sure you follow all of the instructions and chant the proper mantra before wearing it.

If you buy Cat’s Eye Stone online, make sure you have an authenticity certificate. This is because only a genuine cat’s eye gemstone can exhibit the profound impact it has on its wearer.

The idea behind the astrological advice to wear Cat’s Eye

The planet’s attributes, color, and vibration define the logic and purpose of wearing a stone. The hue of the diamond has a significant impact on indigenous peoples and those who see it. It has long been considered that the radiation released by planets is usually negative, although gemstone rays are extremely positive.

Both collide to cancel out the negative repercussions. This is why it is usually advised to see an astrologer before wearing a gemstone, since if the stone is toxic to one’s nature, the malevolent effects of the planet will not be minimized, harming the wearer’s health and wealth.

How to wear a Cat’s eye gemstone?

The Lehsuniya Ratna should always be worn on the middle finger. Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, it should be worn. The Cat’s Eye gemstone must weigh at least 2 Ratti. Because the metals increase the gemstone’s positive characteristics, the Cat’s Eye gemstone must be put in a diamond or silver ring. The stone should be put such that it comes into direct touch with the wearer’s skin, allowing the rays to reach the native.

Before wearing the ring, the following procedures must be followed. Place the Stone in the bottom of a metal bowl and pour the following into it.

  • Ganga Jal
  • Tulsi leaves (Indian Basil)
  • Unboiled cow’s milk
  • Honey
  • Ghee

Repeat the following mantra 108 times to bring the advantages of the Cat’s Eye ring to the forefront of your mind.

“ Om Pram PreemProomSahKetavayNamah”

              “ॐ प्रां प्रीं प्रूमसहकेतवाय नमः”

The Cat’s Eye ring can then be withdrawn from the basin, cleaned with water, and placed on the middle finger of the right hand. When you wear the ring, make sure the time is Krishna Paksha.

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Where To Buy an Original Cat’s Eye Gemstone?

The Cat’s Eye Gemstone is Generally known as the Lehsuniya Gemstone. This Gemstone is a precious and Unique Stone as it looks Like the Eye of a cat. That’s the reason it is known as a Cat’s Eye Or Cat’s Eye Gemstone. This Gemstone is associated with the evil plane Ketu as per Vedic astrology the Cat’s Eye stone Helps to reduce the bad Effect of Ketu and makes a protection layer to protect the wearer from the negative energy. The Cat’s Eye Gemstone is also a part of the Navratan the group of precious and powerful planetary gemstones.

The Unique Cat’s Eye or Lehsuniya gemstone is now available in online gemstone sellers like Rashi Ratan Bhagya. The RRB group of gemstones is the online wholesaler of loose gemstones. And deal in original and High-Quality gemstones like Manik, Moti, Panna, Pukhraj, Neelam and so many other precious, semi-precious birthstones at the wholesale rate in the world of gemstones as they give you a certificate of originality from the Government Gemstone testing labs.