Why Granite Kitchen Worktops in Hertfordshire is Creating Hype?

Installing new kitchen worktops in Hertfordshire can completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen. Granite worktops are made from hard granite slabs that are cut and polished. Granite is great for worktops because it’s tough, and doesn’t get damaged easily by heat or scratches. Hertfordshire’s granite worktops come in many colors and patterns, so you can find one that matches your kitchen style.

Benefits of Granite Kitchen Worktops in Hertfordshire

  1. Granite is incredibly hard and withstands heavy daily use. Properly sealed, granite worktops can last for many decades. This makes granite an excellent investment for busy kitchens.
  1. It makes Hertfordshire kitchens look extra nice with its pretty colors and patterns. Moreover, it adds a special and unique touch to make your kitchen beautiful.
  1. Despite its porous nature, granite is easy to care for. Simply seal and occasionally reseal granite to prevent staining and damage. Use mild cleaners when needed to keep your Hertfordshire granite worktops looking like new.
  1. Granite does not harbor bacteria or germs like some other materials. This helps promote better health and hygiene standards, especially important in kitchens.
  1. Granite worktops stand up very well to heat. You can place hot pots and pans directly on granite surfaces without worry of damage. This makes granite suitable for even the busiest kitchens.
  1. High-quality granite worktops in Hertfordshire kitchens can greatly increase the value of a home. Granite counters attract potential buyers and can significantly improve resale value.

Granite Worktops in Hertfordshire Costs

In Hertfordshire, installed granite worktops cost between £400-£600 per linear meter on average. However, granite worktop prices vary considerably based on the granite color, thickness, and edge profiles chosen. Additional costs may also apply for professional measurement, templating, fabrication, transportation, installation, and sink/tap cut-outs.

When considering granite worktops as a beginner, keep the following cost factors in mind:

  • Granite Quality: Exotic, rare granites generally cost more than domestic, widely available stones. Prices range from £100 per m2 on the low end, to over £400+ per m2 for premium material.
  • Thickness: Standard thickness is 20mm or 30mm. Thicker slabs (40mm+) are more expensive but provide extra durability and support.
  • Edge Profiles: Decorative edges like bullnose, chamfered, and ogee, add to project costs due to additional fabrication time and material waste. Simple square/pencil edge profiles are the most affordable.
  • Cut-Outs & Additional Services: Expect to pay extra for the sink, tap, and appliance cut-outs. Other services like fabrication, installation, and disposal of old counters may require additional fees.
  • Supplier: Costs ultimately come down to the granite worktop company you choose. Shop around for the best deals.

How to Choose Granite Worktops in Hertfordshire

Decide on a color: Granite comes in a diverse range of natural shades from bold black and red, to white, brown, green, gold, and more. Select a timeless granite color that matches your kitchen design vision.

Consider patterns carefully: Granite patterns greatly vary from solid colors to speckles to vibrantly visible veining. Make sure the granite pattern aligns with your personal preferences and kitchen decor style.

View granite slabs in person: Due to variations in natural stone, it is impossible to know exactly what your granite worktops will look like until you view the actual slab. Reputable vendors have physical showrooms where you can see your selected slabs before finalizing your purchase.

Granite thickness is important: Standard thickness is 20mm or 30mm. Go thicker if you desire sturdier counters that are more resistant to cracks and fissures over time.

Match edges to cabinetry: Simple square edge profiles pair well with modern styles while decorative edges complement traditional cabinets. Further. discuss options with granite fabricators.

Review sample warranties: Quality vendors offer warranties against defects and installation problems. Be sure to obtain documentation before signing agreements.

Hire experienced installers: Granite is a major investment, so take care to hire reputable worktop fitters in Hertfordshire to ensure a successful installation.

Consider maintenance. Remember to seal and protect your granite worktop investment in Hertfordshire regularly. Yearly sealing is recommended for optimal performance and beauty.

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Rock-Solid Tips for Keeping Your Granite Worktops in Top Shape

  • Seal granite regularly, at least once a year. Sealing prevents stains and damage by filling pores susceptible to water and oils.
  • Always use cutting boards, trivets, and heat-proof mats under hot pans. This prevents cracking and discoloration.
  • Clean up spills immediately to avoid potential staining. Granite is quite stain-resistant but prompt cleaning is still important.
  • For general cleaning, use a mild pH-neutral granite cleaner and soft cloth. Harsh chemicals can dull granite surfaces over time.
  • Avoid abrasive pads and cleaners which can damage the protective sealant layer. Use the gentlest products possible.
  • Avoid abrasive pads and cleaners which can damage the protective sealant layer. Use the gentlest products possible.
  • Check sealant integrity yearly. Apply water droplets to the granite surface to see if they bead and roll off, or get absorbed. Getting absorbed means it is time to reseal.
  • Address noticeable etching or discoloration quickly. Specialized granite cleaners and resealers can often remove minor damage.
  • Dust granite worktops and frequently use microfiber cloths. You know what? dust buildup can gradually cause dull spots over time. Frequent gentle dusting maintains shine.


Granite worktops have clear advantages that make them a top choice for many Hertfordshire kitchens. With proper selection and care, granite worktops offer unrivaled durability, elegant beauty, easy maintenance, and value enhancement for homes.

When it comes to kitchen worktops in Hertfordshire, no one does it better than Slabs and Stones UK. As leading local experts in quality granite worktop supply and installation for multiple years, we offer homeowners the widest selections, competitive prices, and the highest standards of service across the region.

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