What attracts students to Frankfurt?  

Frankfurt is situated in the center of Germany. It is a great blend of cultural vibrancy, good education as well as economic strength. The city has drawn students from across the globe since it has some renowned universities as well as a wide range of educational options. Here you can get a well-rounded educational experience which is guaranteed by the country’s broad educational environment that comprises different fields such as arts and sciences. It is also home to some of the best Student Accommodation Frankfurt.

Activities in Frankfurt

The church where Germany’s first democratic parliament was held is located in Frankfurt. In this city, you can find different museums as well as many attractions over here. You can visit the cathedral which is a gothic-style structure that was constructed across the 13th and 14th centuries. The cathedral houses the baroque assumption altar which is the 14th-century choir seat as well as a 15th-century mural depicting the life of Mary. Do not forget to stroll across the city’s cutest square is surrounded by some amazing homes, historic churches as well and some office buildings. It is one of the most upscale retail areas across the city where those who enjoy shopping can go. 

Studying in a city which is in the heart of Europe

Europe’s third-largest airport which is located across Frankfurt. It is also possible to travel to some of the continent’s largest cities in under a few hours on the train which is amazing for exploring Europe in your spare time. You can investigate employment opportunities after the completion of your degree. 

What is the cost of living in Frankfurt? 

The average monthly cost of living in Frankfurt for the students is estimated is around €1,641 per month for off-campus while the on-campus student accommodation Frankfurt costs around €1,561 monthly.

  • Off-campus accommodation: €350-450
  • Transportation: €80
  • Food: €500- €550
  • Utility cost: €300
  • Entertainment: €50
  • Groceries: €25
  • Clothes: €125

Student life in Frankfurt 

People from different parts of the world come to the city to study. Here you can find the best kind of atmosphere for the residents which prevents you from missing home. You can find different options for places that one can stay including homestays, private lodging, university residence halls, and so on. Since these are affordable and come with different kinds of modern conveniences. They are close to the university as well as the city center which is home to different entertaining establishments comprising wine bars as well as traditional pubs. 

Best places to stay in Frankfurt 

  • Offenbach: It is located just across the river and it offers one of the best housing facilities and a lively atmosphere. 
  • Darmstadt: This city is known for its technical university and creative vibe. This city is nearby. You can take a train to reach the city. 
  • Wiesbaden: You can enjoy the elegant charm, hot springs as well as cultural events over here. 
  • Mainz: Here you can experience history and also a vibrant student life. You can find a relaxed rhine riverfront ambiance in the neighboring city. 
Frankfurt city in Germany

If you are looking for a clear insight into the accommodation abroad, then you should connect with the letting agents. They offer premium housing near the top universities across Frankfurt. With online options available, you can easily compare, consult with other students, and find the best housing at an affordable price. 

 Student accommodation in Frankfurt 

PBSAs are preferred by most college students who are traveling to Frankfurt for higher education. You can select from a wide range of rooms depending on your needs and budget. If you need more solitude, then you can go with a studio or else you can settle for an en-suite room. This will be equipped with a private bedroom, a shared kitchen as well as a living area. All the contemporary amenities comprise of a laundry room, bike storage, microwave, dishwasher, tv and so much more. Many amenities are added in such kinds of accommodations. The nicest thing about these housing options is that they are close to both the campus as well as popular hangout areas. 

Entertainment and utility costs 

You can explore different leisure as well as utility expenditures in the city which demonstrates a realistic approach to balancing the living costs. You can easily understand the basic utility as well as entertainment charges in the city which are mentioned below: 

  • Internet: You can set up internet in the rental may cost around €30 per month. For setup and a modem, then might charge some more. 
  • Phone: Phone plans for calls, texts as well as data can range from €20 to €30 per month. 
  • Night out: You can enjoy a typical night out in the city which might cost you around €50 to €60 with a vibrant expat community that offers different cultural as well as entertainment events. 
  • Broadcast tax: Germany is known to have a broadcast tax of around €17.50 per month. It is applicable even if you do not use a tv or radio. 
  • Utility costs: monthly utility expenses comprise electricity, heating, cooling, water as well as garbage. This will cost you around €332. 
  • Fitness club: If you join a fitness club, then you expect to pay around €45 as a monthly fee.