What Are The Different Ways To Sew Patches On The Garments?

Are you looking for ways to sew your patches with ease? Then don’t you worry as we are at your rescue!

In this blog, we will teach you how you can sew your patches on garments of your choice in the simplest ways.

As you know – patches look great when paired up with any fashion accessory, particularly outfits. It gives you a whole new look and makes you the centre of attention. However, we know, that sewing them on is a tedious task.

Therefore, to ease the process and your frustration read this blog further to easily apply your favourite patches to your wonderful dresses.

Shall we begin?

Let’s start then!

Some Creative Ways to Sew Patches On Your Fabric

Creative Way 1: Utilize Whip Stitches

It is the simplest method to sew your patches. For this place your patch on top of your fabric. It is recommended to use a patch that is made up of garments that do not finish at the edges or do not get frayed. Then, start doing whip stitches to attach it to the desired place on your outfit.

Also, you can decorate custom sew on patches Australia with whip stitches by doing another stitching on the firstly stitched holes. This will give your patch a prominent appeal.

Creative Way 2: Use Iron On

Another great way to sew your patches is by using the ironing-on method. This is the quickest yet effective way to apply your patches. In this method, you don’t need to spend a lot of time worrying and thinking about how to make stitches even. What you have to do is, just follow the simple steps and give your outfits a finesse look;

  • Take your patch and cut it into the shapes you prefer.
  • Then place your patch where you want to place it on your outfit.
  • After that set the temperature of the iron
  • Then, spray some water on the back of the patch.
  • After that place the hot iron on the patch and press evenly.
  • Do the process for about fifteen to thirty seconds
  • Woah! Your patch is placed.

Creative Way 3: Have Blanket Stitches

Next, a creative way to apply your patches is by making blanket stitches. These stitches are advisable for those patches which are hand applique and have edges that are turned under. Also, they look wonderful when done precisely. Further, they are done to enhance the appeal of blankets, dishcloths and other fabric ornaments. In this type of stitching, two raw edges of the non-fraying fabric are joined together i.e. fleece.

Creative Way 4: Make Use Of Zig-Zag Stitches

You can give your patches a well-defined look by utilizing zig-zag stitches. These are usually closely packed types of stitches and are often done around the edges of a patch. For instance, if you possess a wonderful readymade patch then it’s the frequent and easiest way to apply your patch. What you have to do first is, paste your patch with some fabric glue on your outfit temporarily and then start sewing it creatively along the border.

Further, you can be experimental with the choice of the thread and can use a contrasting colour or match it with the patch hues.

Creative Way 5: Do Reverse Applique

This is the most interesting method to apply your patches. In reverse applique, you have to keep the patch on the back of the hole and have to do stitching around the edges of the hole. Also, the hole should be cut into the shape and size of your patch. You know – satin stitches are mostly used for this kind of patch application.

Moreover, you can make a simple straight stitch around the edges of the design which you have cut. Further, you could utilize two spools of thread to give the stitching line a visible look. The tip here is to buy quality and top stitching thread for an enhanced appearance.

Creative Way 6: Hand Sew the Patch

This method is recommended for set-in patches. These are self or contrast fabrics and are sewn from the underside of the garment. Following are the steps to sew them on;

  • Firstly for the hole, you have to make a small slash of one by four inches on all of its corners.
  • Then, you have to turn its edges under and have to press in place.
  • After that cut a square patch of one by four inches and turn its edges to the right side and press.
  • Then place the patch under the hole, facing right side up. And for precision align its position perfectly or pin it up to hold the place.  
  • Now, from the opposite side attach the patch to the fabric.
  • Lastly, turn the patch ride side and sew the edges of the hole by doing slip stitches.

Creative Way 7: Through Overhand

In this process, you sew on patches from the right side of the fabric or garment you are choosing. For example, if you are sewing a thick garment then an overhand patch can be applied with thinner fabric material, otherwise, it couldn’t be done effectively and get removed easily. This method is suitable for custom name badges that are used for military uniforms or forces etc.

What you have to do is, cut the hole into a square shape and a square piece of fabric that is slightly bigger than the hole. Then press their edges one by four inches inside. After that place the patch on top of the hole and do base stitching around the edges. Then turn your fabric on the opposite side.

You will see that the edges of the hole and fabric will be attached, after that you have to make overcast stitching around the edges of them.

Creative Way 8: Sew On By Machine

The last and simplest way to attach the patches is by machine sewing. You can do this by placing your patch under the hole and can do close and very tight stitching for a well-finished look. In this, you have to make sure to apply short stitches from all around such that up and down of hole and the edges. Also, don’t forget to switch on reverse sewing as you go down and have to come up. This is the process which is for sure a done deal for everyone who loves stitching patches.

Wrap Up!

Well, summing it up! Patches are a perfect choice when you want to revamp your fashion accessories and give them a modern appeal. They are perfect budget-friendly choices and are within reach of everyone who is always looking to wear new outfits every time. However, attaching them is a little tricky part especially if you are not professional and want to do the application at home. Hence, to make the process simplified for you we have shared above certain ways that could help you in sewing your patches perfectly and assist you in deciding what method to choose for which patch.

Now, Sewing On Patches Is Easy-Peasy, You Just Need A Will To Do It!