What Are Some Interesting Facts About the Newport City?

Newport, a city in Wales (UK), is one of the cities that attract an extensive range of people from around the world. It is situated on the River Usk close to its confluence with the Severn Estuary so it is a city with natural bounty. Besides, this city also attracts international students who visit here to get higher education. The University of South Wales has a campus in Newport and there are some other institutes also that provide higher education to domestic and international students.

If you come to Newport as an international student for two, three, or four years, you will be amazed at some interesting facts about the city. It will be a good idea for you to give some of your weekends or other holidays to explore Newport. Here, you will read some interesting facts about the Newport city.

You find Newport Castle Here: A Historic Castle Ruin Dating Back to the 14th Century

We can consider the availability of Newport Castle available in Newport as an interesting fact, which is among the top attractions in Newport. It was constructed in the 14th century as a place for administrative purposes. It underwent waves of attacks throughout the centuries.

These days, only the east side stands, and the ruined castle has become a historic landmark of Wales. Today, the public is no longer allowed to visit the castle grounds or within the ruined walls. But, the dramatic view of Newport Castle can be got from nearby footpaths or from the banks of River Usk.

Newport Market, a Victorian Marketplace, Can Be Shopped Like the Locals

Whenever you get time, it will be a nice idea for you to take some of your friends from your class, college, room, or attached student rooms in Newport, and visit this wonderful market in Newport. It is a traditional Victorian indoor market that dates back to 1854. A sprawling cast-iron-frame building with a glass-filled barrel roof is occupied by this market. Confectionaries, arts and crafts, and many other things can be bought from here.

The highly detailed matchstick model of the Newport Transporter Bridge is one of the highlights of this market. The market can be found on the High Street, which is within a 5-minute walk from Newport Castle.

Newport Provides Excellent Arrangements for International Students

Excellent arrangements for international students can itself be considered an interesting fact about Newport. There are on-campus accommodations, private student housing properties, private apartments, and homestays available here, and you can choose any student accommodation option in Newport. All the options have their advantages and you can select whichever best meets your requirements and preferences.

Private student housing properties are getting widely popular today due to the availability of a lot of amenities and facilities inside. You can get study features here such as study desks and chairs and study rooms along with Wi-Fi internet connections. Besides, many properties of such types of student housing in Newport also have gyms for workouts of students. Moreover, you can also find ample fun and entertainment features such as cinemas, games rooms, karaoke rooms, and more. Club rooms can also be found in these properties and social events are also organized from time to time.

You can find different types of accommodation variants such as ensuite rooms, non-ensuite rooms, student studios, and student apartments in Newport.

There Is a City with a Similar Name in the USA

We can take it an interesting fact that there is a city named “Newport” in the United States of America also apart from Wales, United Kingdom. This US city is located in Rhode Island in the USA. Some people are often confused about this Welsh city and the US city.

Summing Up

Newport is a city with intriguing features. It boasts Newport Castle, a 14th-century ruin, once pivotal for administration. Despite its partial remains, it stands as Wales’ historic emblem. Adjacent to it, there is “Newport Market”, which has been a Victorian marvel since 1854. It offers diverse goods and a matchstick model of the Newport Transporter Bridge. Moreover, Newport offers exceptional arrangements for international students, including diverse accommodation options. Interestingly, Newport, USA, shares its name, leading to occasional confusion with its Welsh counterpart.