What Are Some Interesting Facts About the City of Madrid?

Madrid is the lively capital of Spain and it is the city that attracts visitors due to various aspects such as its rich history, cultural diversity, and vibrant atmosphere. It boasts stunning architecture, world-class museums, bustling streets, and many other things, which enhance the experience of locals, tourists, and international students alike.

It is also a city where students from across the globe visit to get higher education. The city is home to several private universities and The Complutense University of Madrid is the second-largest university in Spain. Both domestic and international students visit to get higher education in this city.

As already stated, some things attract a wide range of tourists from across the globe. In addition to this, students from different parts of the world also like to visit some important places in Madrid during their years of study.

Let’s have a look at some of the interesting facts about the City of Madrid that make it an interesting destination for everyone.  

Madrid Is Located in the Geographical Center of Spain

Madrid is located in the geographical center of Spain, which not only makes it a capital but also the focal point of the country’s cultural, political, and economic activities. It is located in the center of the Iberian Peninsula and it comprises a strategic location. Due to this location, it is a major European city in terms of historical significance and development.

The Famous The Puerta del Sol with “Kilometer Zero” Is Also Found in Madrid 

Puerta del Sol is one of the most iconic landmarks in Madrid. It is a bustling square that serves as the symbolic center of the city. The famous “Kilometer Zero” is found here, which is a plaque embedded in the pavement. It marks the point from which all radical roads of Spain are measured.

Annual New Year’s Eve celebrations are also organized at this square where locals gather to watch the clock tower strike midnight. They eat twelve grapes here at this time, which is a conventional custom in Spain believed to bring good luck for the coming year.

Madrid Is One of the Most Preferred Student Cities Around the Globe

Madrid is one of the most preferred student cities around the globe. According to QS Best Student Cities 2024, Madrid holds the #27 position. To find a diverse and international student community, you can choose any university in Madrid.

Madrid city in Spain.

Madrid also has some excellent places for student housing. Properties designed for student accommodation Madrid are equipped with several high-class amenities. You can find cinemas, games rooms, and smart TVs for fun and entertainment. Besides, gyms can also be found for workouts and attaining fitness. Swimming pools may also be available, which are the sources of both fun and fitness. For studies, there are study desks and chairs, study rooms, and libraries. Most accommodations in Madrid are also equipped with internet connections. You can find meal plans in numerous student housing properties in this city.

There Is a Great Passion for Sports in Madrid

A great passion for sports can be witnessed in Madrid. Madrid is home to some most storied football clubs in the world such as Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid. In the matches on stadiums like the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, a huge crowd of enthusiastic facts from across the globe can be witnessed.

However, football is the dominant sport in Madrid, but this city also boasts arrangements for other sports. You can find here competitions in sports like basketball, tennis, cycling, athletics, and more.

In the 9th Century, Madrid Was Settled by a Muslim Ruler “Umayyad Emir Muhammad I”

We can find some interesting facts about Madrid in history also. One of the facts is that this city was settled by a Muslim Ruler named Umayyad Emir Muhammad I whereas, today, 95% of people in Madrid are Catholics and only 5% are Muslims.

Umayyad Emir Muhammad I built a fortress near the river Manzanares, which was one of the several fortresses he ordered to be built on the border between Al-Andalus and the kingdoms of León and Castile.

The City Has Wonderful Architectural Marvels

In the city of Madrid, you can witness the confluence of fantastic architectural styles. Here, you can find from medieval fortresses to modern skyscrapers. The Royal Palace, the Almudena Cathedral, and the Gran Vía are the perfect examples of the city’s rich architectural heritage as well as historical significance.


Madrid’s centrality in Spain, symbolized by the Puerta del Sol’s “Kilometer Zero,” highlights its cultural and historical importance. As a major student city globally and a hub for diverse sports, Madrid’s dynamic spirit resonates. Its architectural wonders and rich history, from Muslim rule to Catholic dominance, add depth to its allure.