Top Online Websites to Buy Decorative Clothes Patches In 2024

Make your patch purchase easy by reaching out to the top online websites. They are not only budget-friendly but have a customisation option available for you.

We know – decorative patches for clothes are a go-to option for any fashion enthusiast who wants to revamp their outfits. Further, they are amazing to elevate your wardrobe and lift your style.

Thus, without getting into the hassle of searching genuine websites, just go through the list mentioned in this blog and order your favourite patches now.

List of Websites to Purchase Decorative Clothes Patches

Website Number 1: Amazon

Amazon has made online shopping easy and swift. From a variety of morale patches to embroidered ones, it is offering you an awesome collection at a reasonable price. What you have to do is – search for some stores under it which have high ratings and order the patch type you want to buy.

We are sure you won’t regret the decision to purchase from Amazon. It is the most desired and authentic platform which will satisfy your fashion needs.

Website Number 2: Ali Express

If you are in a hurry and want express delivery then enhance your shopping experience by ordering from Ali Express. As suggested by its name, it caters to people’s needs by providing them with swift and reliable service. This website is user-friendly and very convenient to use. It has an app too, which will make your shopping process unique and easier.

Thus, if you want to order decorative clothes patches, then give this website a try and get your patches at your doorstep sooner than you expect.

Website Number 3: Etsy

It’s a popular and top choice for people who want to buy patches. It contains an endless variety of custom patches and provides you with the option to upgrade your style in a unique and personalized way.

Etsy also has an app through which you can make your purchasing reliable and could track your order. Moreover, just like Amazon, it also gives you multiple store options. So, that you can choose from a variety of sellers to level up your patch collection.

Website Number 4: Walmart

Walmart established its name soon after its launch. It is known for giving products at reasonable prices. Also, it is termed as the best discount retailer. As you know, every customer cares about the price only and Walmart is a business which targets this idea of people.

Therefore, if you are worried about your budget and looking for options which are not heavy on your pocket then shop from Walmart blindly. It is alone sufficient to upgrade your style on a budget.

Website Number 5: Joom

Joom is a new online shopping platform that has gained significant popularity which is enough to unlock the door for successful business. Standing with the giants of online business is itself an achievement. They are providing category-specific patches and particularly targeting the female variety.

However, it doesn’t imply that they do not have men’s patch collections. So, if you are interested in seeing what they have to offer you, then visit their website and order some to enhance the look of your outfits.

Website Number 6: Alibaba

Who is not aware of Alibaba, a wholesale online shopping platform? It has truly revived the concept of wholesale by bridging the gap between boundaries. For instance, if you are a business in the UK and want to order PVC patches at wholesale price from China then you can get the order on your doorstep very conveniently.

Now, you don’t have to run and check the authenticity of wholesalers. You can simply buy anything from here in large quantities.

Website Number 7: eBay

It is a worldwide-known e-commerce platform. Also, it is headquartered in California. You know- it is one of the online shopping platforms that created and marketed the website among sellers and buyers to sell their goods and services. It’s a platform which has targeted small businesses and individual sellers.

Therefore, it offers cheaper prices as compared to other online shopping websites. Thus, if you are in search of local and average-quality patches then shop from eBay and transform your clothes elegantly.

Website Number 8: Stahls

Stahls is popular for heat transfer patches and emblems. It has a variety of other types as well. You can add value to your patch collection by shopping from Stahls. It will not only provide you with premium options but also allow you to style your clothes in your way.

It gives you liberty to develop high-quality apparels with stylish patches. You can choose from full-colour embossed patches to genuine or faux leather patches. Also, you can go for traditional or 3D embroidered patches as well.


On which type of fabric patches are made?

The cotton, acetate, polyester, silk, wool, and polyurethane are the popular fabrics on which patches are made. However, it’s up to the customer choice on which fabric he wants the patch to be created.

What are the common fabrics on which we can stick our patches?

Cotton, cotton blends, velour, denim and wool are the common fabrics on which you can stick your patches. Also, people experiment with other fabrics to stick their patches.

How can I wash clothes with iron-on patches?

You can wash clothes with iron-on patches by hand. Also, you can wash them in the machine with a gentle cycle. However, it is recommended to go gentle while washing because there are high chances of patch removal and damage.

Is there any type of glue to attach patches?

Yes, there is a variety of fabric glue types available through which you can attach your patches. Also, keep in view that attaching patches with glue is a temporary method to fix your patch.

Wrap Up!

Well, wrapping it up! Purchasing patches is easier if you know where to buy from. We hope that this blog has made your search process easier. So, whenever you plan to buy patches, these are the platforms that you must check from. They do not have just a patches collection but have a large list of fashion accessories through which you can select and complement your outfits. However, just remember, choose the patch type that goes with the fabric you want to wear, because in some cases, you buy a patch and it doesn’t get attached to the fabric until you sew it or apply other techniques. Happy Shopping!

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