Top 8 Affordable Cities in the UK for International Students 2024

Numerous cities in the United Kingdom are offering world-class education to students from all corners of the world. But, the high cost of accommodations is a problem for students who cannot afford them. Still, there is no need to worry since numerous cities in the UK are affordable for students.

Below, you will read about the top 8 affordable cities in the UK for international students in 2024.


Exeter is a county town and a cathedral city in Devon and is becoming widely popular among international students these days. The University of Exeter is a popular university here, which offers superior quality education to domestic and international students. Besides, the city has a lot of fun places that students can visit during their years of study.

Exeter is one of the most affordable cities in the United Kingdom. You can get student accommodation in Glasgow at as low as £132 per week. The highest price of accommodation in Exeter may be around £400-500 per week.


Glasgow is the most populous city in Scotland, UK, and is one of the cities widely chosen by students who look for the cheapest cities. This city is a major center of higher and academic research and has numerous universities and colleges.

It is one of the most affordable cities for international students in the UK. The lowest-priced student accommodation in Glasgow is available at £105 per week. You can get a high-priced accommodation here at £500-600 per week.


Nestled along the River Medway, this city provides a perfect blend of history and affordability. As a student in Medway, you’ll find reasonably priced accommodations and daily essentials, allowing you to focus on your studies without spending so much money.

You also get affordable student accommodation in Medway UK. You can get accommodations here at prices from £136 per week to £196 per week.


Chester is a cathedral city as well as a county town in the United Kingdom and is one of the most affordable cities in the nation. This city is the home to the University of Chester and hosts a large number of international students.

It also offers economical student accommodation with the lowest rent of £124 per week. For high-priced accommodation, you need to pay £425 per week as a single occupant and £531.25 per week in double occupancy.


Newport, a city in Wales (UK), has also gained widespread popularity among a wide range of international students in the past few years. The University of South Wales has a campus in Newport, which attracts several international students.

Like all the other cities, mentioned above, it is also an affordable city in the United Kingdom. The prices of student accommodation in Newport are from £121.50 to £225 per week.


Guildford is a hidden gem when it comes to balancing academic excellence with living costs. Enjoy the picturesque surroundings and green spaces while benefiting from affordable living arrangements. Take advantage of student discounts and explore the city’s vibrant cultural scene during your time here.

You can get student accommodation at the cheapest possible prices here. The lowest-priced student accommodation in Guildford is available here at £190 per week. You can find the highest-priced student housing in this city at £435 per week as a single occupant.


One more name we can take for affordable cities in the UK is Bradford, a city in West Yorkshire in England. The University of Bradford is a prominent university in this city. Bradford College and the University of Bradford School of Management are also prominent institutions here.

You can get student accommodation in Bradford at as low as £80. You can get high-priced accommodation here at £167 per week.


Nestled in the northwest, Lancaster offers a serene escape for students seeking affordability without compromising on quality education. With its captivating landscapes and a cost of living that won’t break the bank, Lancaster provides an ideal setting for your academic pursuits.

Lancaster offers student housing at the lowest price of £95 per week. Besides, you can get student accommodation in Lancaster at as high as £125 per week.


In other cities in the UK also, you can find affordable accommodation options.