Tips to Celebrate Australia Day in Sydney for International Students

The event holds a different meaning for everyone in Australia as it is so multicultural. For the First Nation People, this is the day of colonization and is usually termed amongst them as the Invasion or the survival day.

While for most of those who come to settle in Sydney, it may have a different meaning altogether. It’s the day they probably got citizenship to the country.

Whatever, the reasons may be, Australia is proud to be free and celebrate its independence. If you want to enjoy this day like any other Aussies in town, you can have a look at some of the events that will take place on the 26th of January.

Enjoy, stay safe, and be respectful!

Attend the Vigil

Every year, there’s a festival at Vigil in Bangaroo that celebrates the history and culture of the Aboriginals. It’s one of the biggest cultural festivals in Sydney and a place where the First Nation people can share their hopes and dreams for the future. You will sit around the fire and get a chance to be part of the Aboriginal culture and traditions. 

Be part of the local marches and parties

You will never run out of anything happening on this auspicious day. The moment you get out on the street, you will find someone is hosting an event. There may be fun marches along the street to showcase the culture and history of Australia. The government is big on these celebrations and gathers the community to celebrate by organizing local parties, morning breakfast, and local music concerts and performances. So you may be in any part of Sydney where you have your student accommodation, they are held in all areas and towns of Sydney. 

Be part of the university’s celebration

Most of the students who study at the University of Sydney get involved with many activities that are initiated by the university. It can be in the form of performances to pay respect to this day. It usually takes place someday before Australian Day as it is a national holiday. So, you can always be part of the university’s celebration. 

Must see the Dawn of Reflection 

This is the day to reflect on the history of the country. And, what better way to do it than watching the artworks of the First Nation people light up the opera house? There will be many cultural programs by the artists of the First Nation showcasing the richness of their history and what the world has missed all these years of life. 

Be part of a cause

If you are a swimmer, you should take part in the Sydney Harbour Splash! It does matter whether you do a kilometer swim or more than that! It will be all worth it for a social cause. So, why not start this year with something giving and compassionate?

Go out and celebrate with friends at the beach

In a land of turquoise water, and white sands, why not feel what it’s like to live the Aussie life? Even if you attend any of the events in Sydney, you can still go half the day on a nice warm summer and have a swim and barbeque party at the beach. 

Celebrate in your accommodation

Whether you are staying on or off Campus Student Accommodation in Sydney and you are not in the mood to step out the day, get together with friends at the accommodation. Maybe you guys can watch a historical documentary and learn more about the way of life and culture of Australia. It’s hard to get the vibe to watch such documentaries on other days, but this day feels pretty right. 

Spend time understanding the nature of the Aussies

Sydney is more than just a cosmopolitan city it offers a breathtaking bushland swimming zone. If you want to experience bushland life for a day and be out with nature in solitude, you should visit some of these swimming places. Remember to seek permission before you go to such places as they might have some cultural significance for the Aboriginal communities. 

Try out all the Aussie traditional treats

You are thinking to yourself: You are in Sydney and can try them anytime. But, there’s no other day that you will find a bakery and sweet shops flaunting and showcasing their traditional treats from lamingtons, vanilla slices, tim tams, and pavlova to many others. It’s the only day to get everything local. 

Please keep in mind that this is an auspicious day for the country. So, whatever you do or plan to do as part of the celebration, be respectful, stay safe, and enjoy the traditions and culture of this country. There’s no better way to know the city than Australia Day! You never know when you may get a chance again! So seize the moment!