The 7 Best Weapons In HoloCure, Ranked

HoloCure is a game with a ridiculous amount of fun and strange weapons, some of which are so strong they almost break the game.

Players will be able to get brand-new weapons as they level up in HoloCure. These weapons will help them beat the endless waves of enemies they find on each level. There is a unique starting weapon for each character, and many of them are very strong. However, not all of these weapons are useful in the long run, especially if they haven’t been upgraded.

Because of this, you might want to keep an eye out for some of the better guns that have a lot more strange and off-kilter designs, which fits perfectly with HoloCure’s funny and bright style. Collab Weapons are made by joining two max level weapons. They are different from starting weapons and weapons you get by growing up. These can fail sometimes, but when they do, their damage and range make them almost impossible to stop. Still, these guns are some of the best and can easily kill both normal enemies and bosses.


Sausage Weapon
  • How to unlock: Beat the bosses in Stage 4 of Area 15.

Surely, a sausage can’t be one of the best tools in the game, what with all the other magical and otherworldly ones? The sausage does have one amazing trait that can actually save your life: when the player hits the attack button, it will always swing toward the closest enemy. Anyone who has played HoloCure knows that every stage can get very wild as hundreds of normal mobs rush the player, making it hard to target specific enemies because they’re all moving so quickly and aggressively.

When players use the sausage, they can kill anyone who gets too close, leaving some room between themselves and the hordes. It’s also a good idea to use the upgrades to shorten the time between hits so that no enemy is too hard to beat. When the sausage is at its highest level, it can even do a two-hit burst that will keep any enemy at bay.

Fan Beam

Fan Beam Weapon
  • How to unlock: In Stage 1, beat the Fubuzilla boss.

You’ll meet Fubuzilla in the very first stage of the game, which means that this weapon is pretty easy to get after just a few hours of play, which is pretty amazing considering how powerful it is. There is a ranged weapon that can shoot a fairly wide laser beam across the stage in any horizontal direction. The attack will also knock enemies back, but the game doesn’t tell the player this.

This not only makes it easy to clear out space when things get too busy, but it also lets you easily kill enemies with an ability or Special Attack. At its highest level, the Fan Beam will fire an extra beam from behind the character to protect them from all sides.

EN’s Curse

EN's Curse
  • How to unlock: In Stage 3, beat the Spiderchama boss.

At first glance, EN’s Curse doesn’t seem to have much going for it besides its dark and mysterious design. It looks a lot like other long weapons in the game. The main difference is that the weapon can harm targets nearby, which sets off a chain effect.

Even though this doesn’t always happen, the fact that the weapon already does a lot of damage and can wipe out whole groups with just a few shots makes it tremendously powerful in some situations. Along with the damage that chain strikes do, there are many upgrades that can make it more likely that curses will spread. This is why you should stick with the weapon and level it up to get the most out of it.

Scythe Swing

Scythe Swing
  • How to unlock: Calliope Mori’s first weapon.

A lot of characters in HoloCure have starting tools that are best at either close combat or long-range attacks. However, there aren’t many that are great at hitting enemies from mid-range. Calliope Mori and her deadly Scythe Swing weapon are great for people who don’t want to risk getting trapped but still want to do long-lasting damage.

Attacking in a half-circle in front of Mori, the scythe will hit from far away and kill anyone caught in its swing. Almost every improvement for the scythe makes it stronger, which makes it one of the most powerful weapons in Funny Shooter 2 when it reaches max level, especially when paired with Mori’s “The Reaper” ability, which also makes normal and critical damage stronger.

Spider Cooking

Spider Cooking Weapon
  • How to unlock: It’s been there from the beginning.

Spider Cooking is one of the best basic weapons in the game. It works well on its own and can also be used with other weapons to make new ones. The goal is to poison enemies who get too close while saving the player. It works by forming a large area of miasma around the character. This miasma poisons enemies over time, so it won’t kill them right away but will make them weak enough for a quick ability to kill.

The miasma’s area can be increased by up to 25%, which can hurt more than one enemy at once. At the highest level, it can even be made to knock foes back. Because of this, it’s very hard for enemies to get close, and the weapon feels more like a wall than anything else.

Eldritch Horror

Eldritch Horror Weapons
  • How to unlock: EN’s Curse and Spider Cooking were combined to make it.

The Eldritch Horror is one of the strangest weapons in the game. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, it can do a crazy amount of damage. Every once in a while, the Eldritch Horror will drop a huge tornado that keeps damaging enemies until they are completely destroyed. There is also a chance that the player will get some health back when they damage an enemy. This health can be up to 5% of their max HP.

When they were first added to the game, the guns weren’t very strong, but after a few patches, they’ve been improved so much that they’re now much more useful and fun to use. Because the tornado has an area of effect, it can easily kill multiple enemies at once, which makes it great for any stage.

Frozen Sea

Frozen Sea
  • How to unlock: Mix BL Book and Wamy Water together.

With this item equipped, the Frozen Sea will circle the player with floating books that can hurt enemies by shooting out tiny ice shards and can also slow them down, which can make a stage much easier to handle. This works best with characters like Amelia Watson who can either increase their damage or, even better, their attack speed so they can quickly kill anyone who gets close.

Finally, it can be useful for people who are trying to reach the end game and need a strong tool to keep them standing. If you use it on Gawr Gura, who is a very good tank, the player will be almost impossible to kill as long as they stay mobile and boost their stats at the right time. Because it can be used in so many ways, Frozen Sea is a great tool that can be hard to get but is well worth it in the end.