Tajima embroidery machine common problems and solutions

Embroidery, an ancient art form dating back centuries, has evolved significantly with the advancement of technology. Among the most renowned brands in the embroidery industry is Tajima, renowned for its precision, reliability, and innovation. However, like any complex machinery, Tajima embroidery machines may encounter issues that can hinder productivity and quality. In this extensive guide, we’ll explore common problems faced by Tajima embroidery machine users and provide comprehensive solutions to overcome them.

Understanding Tajima Embroidery Machines

Tajima embroidery machines are renowned for their cutting-edge features, high-speed performance, and versatility. Whether used for small-scale projects or large-scale production, these machines are favored by professionals and hobbyists alike for their exceptional stitch quality and durability. Despite their advanced technology, Tajima embroidery machines are not immune to technical glitches and operational challenges.

Common Problems Encountered

Thread Breakage

One of the most prevalent issues faced by Tajima embroidery machine operators is thread breakage. Thread breakage can occur due to various reasons, including improper tension settings, dull needles, or thread jams.


  • Check Tension Settings: Ensure that the tension settings are correctly calibrated according to the type of thread and fabric being used.
  • Inspect Needles: Replace dull or damaged needles regularly to prevent thread breakage.
  • Clear Thread Jams: Clear any thread jams or snags in the bobbin area or thread path to ensure smooth stitching.

Bird’s Nesting

Bird’s nesting, also known as thread looping or tangling, occurs when excess thread accumulates beneath the fabric, resulting in messy stitches and uneven embroidery.


  • Check Bobbin Tension: Adjust the bobbin tension to prevent excessive thread accumulation.
  • Clean Bobbin Area: Regularly clean the bobbin area and remove any lint or debris that may interfere with the thread’s movement.
  • Use Quality Thread: Ensure that you’re using high-quality embroidery thread that is less prone to tangling.

Skipped Stitches

Skipped stitches can be frustrating as they result in incomplete or inconsistent embroidery digitizing designs, compromising the overall quality of the finished product.


  • Verify Needle Condition: Inspect the needles for any signs of damage or wear and replace them if necessary.
  • Check Needle Position: Ensure that the needle is properly inserted and tightened in the needle bar to prevent misalignment or skipping.
  • Adjust Machine Speed: Reduce the machine speed if skipping stitches persist, as high speeds can sometimes lead to missed stitches.

Machine Jamming

Machine jamming occurs when the embroidery machine’s components become stuck or jammed, halting the stitching process and causing downtime.


  • Clear Jammed Threads: Carefully remove any tangled or jammed threads from the machine’s moving parts to restore normal operation.
  • Inspect Machine Components: Regularly inspect the machine’s components for signs of wear or damage, such as bent needles or broken hooks, and replace them as needed.
  • Lubricate Moving Parts: Ensure that all moving parts are properly lubricated to minimize friction and prevent jamming.


While Tajima embroidery machines are renowned for their reliability and performance, encountering technical issues is not uncommon. By understanding the common problems faced by Tajima embroidery machine users and implementing the appropriate solutions outlined in this guide, you can ensure smooth operation, optimal stitch quality, and maximum productivity in your embroidery endeavors.

Embroidery is a timeless art form that continues to captivate and inspire people worldwide. With Tajima embroidery machines and the knowledge to troubleshoot common issues effectively, you can unleash your creativity and bring your embroidery visions to life with confidence and precision.


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