What is Selenium and key challenges of Selenium test automation

Automation testing with selenium

Software testers can create and run automated test scripts with Selenium, a well-liked open-source test automation framework. In several of our previous blogs, we discussed the structure, problems, and other parts of Selenium. Testers can develop test scripts in common programming languages such as Ruby, Node JS, Python, Java, C#, PHP, and others with the … Read more

11 Best Practices for Continuous Performance Testing

Automation testing with selenium

Your development teams must do continuous performance testing in order to produce a high-quality product. This is because such testing enables them to promptly spot load-handling and performance defects that are hard to find in addition to important functional bugs. When it comes to putting continuous performance testing into practice, being aware of these 11 … Read more

How To Improve Your Test Automation Strategy?

Automation testing with selenium

A test automation strategy outlines the methodology intended for automation testing as well as a framework for reusable automated scripts. It also provides an overview of the entire test automation strategy, which aims to reduce testing time, increase test coverage, and help achieve high quality. This procedure can be applied to other projects. The majority … Read more

What is Regression Testing? | Methods & Benefits

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What is regression testing? One kind of QA software testing called regression testing makes sure that upgrades or modifications to an already-existing software product don’t interfere with functionality that was working before. Do things still function as expected? is the question posed by a regression test. “Regression” refers to a malfunction or bug in a … Read more

Appium and Selenium Testing Tips and Tricks: Boost Your Automation Efficiency

Automation testing with selenium

If your program or website hasn’t been thoroughly tested, it may have flaws that cause crashes, security breaches, or poor user experiences. This can eventually harm your brand’s reputation by bringing negative feedback and a drop in sales. However, you can overcome these difficult challenges without wearing yourself and your team out to the bone. … Read more

Understanding the Software Testing Life Cycle?

Automation testing with selenium

In order to guarantee that end users receive software that is dependable, error-free, and of the highest caliber, software testing is an essential step in the software development life cycle. Testing uses a methodical process called the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) to accomplish this. From the first planning stage to the final product release, … Read more

Automation testing with selenium

Selenium tutorial java

Introduction Automation testing has matured, making software delivery more efficient overall and streamlining the testing process in the dynamic sector of software development. Leading the way in automation technology is the open-source framework Selenium. It is renowned for having strong and adaptable browser interaction automation capabilities. This post will guide you through each stage of … Read more

Selenium Automation Courses

Automation testing with selenium

Selenium Automation Courses The foundation of software testing is now automation, which has completely changed how programs are tested for functionality and performance. Selenium is one of the most popular and effective automation tools for all web application testing. Enrolling in Selenium Automation Courses has become a wise decision for professionals wishing to improve their … Read more