Marketing Models You Should Learn for Writing an Assignment

Marketing is an evident part of your business growth. However, some many tools and methods are useful for forming business ideas. Marketing models are one of them. These help you convey the marketing strategies effectively. A dynamic marketing model is an integral part of predicting the success of your business. But there are many marketing models available. So, choosing the best and most valuable among them can be challenging. That is why you must explore all the available options to find the right one. Make sure that the model that you choose fits your business needs. Apart from that, even if you are a marketing student, you will need help with marketing assignment. This article will help you with college projects and help you decide the best model for your business.

What Is a Marketing Model?

A marketing model helps businessmen understand the business’s strengths and capabilities. It reviews the overall skills involved with a business company. Besides, it helps marketers define their strategy and plan for what they are going to target in the market, what their possible impact on customers is, and how they generate cost factors.

10 Types of Marketing Models that you need to know:

There are two main types of marketing models: “Top-Down” and “Bottom-Top.” These models are mostly focused on buyer expectations. Many variations of these models exist under these two categories. In this section, you will find the ten popular marketing models that are highly applicable in the field.

The 7Ps

This marketing mix stands for product, promotion, people, and process. The marketing mix helps arrange the stages of a business strategy, from its conception to its test. Using this model, you can examine each aspect of your company to identify ways to use your strategy to meet the goals. Besides, you can better use your strategy and keep employees and customers to develop your business.

STP Marketing Model

The whole meaning of STP is segmentation, targeting, and positioning. It’s really popular as it uses the top-down approach by focusing on the customers. This uses a four-step method to deliver relevant messages to broad audiences. STP marketing models have gained popularity over the years. These companies deliver catered content to audiences via social media. In the market, the marketers find essential features for each group within the market. Then comes targeting the audience. You need to decide which groups are the most appropriate for your product. Then, develop a strategy to deliver your product to the chosen group. Even coursework writing service platforms use this model to deliver quality client projects.

Porter’s Five Forces

This model is based on competitive rivalry, supplier as well as buyer power, threat of substitution, and new entry. This model is unique because it can calculate profitability. Porter’s five forces focus less on the product or audience and depend more on outside influences. However, this model is a simple yet powerful way to understand the race within your business environment.

Ansoff Matrix

This model can also be called the product or market expansion grid. The model is a 2×2 grid that outlines four methods you can use to grow your business. As said, the grids have the products and services on the x-axis. The markets stay on the y-axis. While one side shows existing products, the other represents new forms. The risk increases when you move horizontally or vertically into a new one. Market penetration or the lower left quadrant is the safest of the four options. The next is product development. This involves adding a new product to an existing market, i.e., the lower right quadrant. Besides, market development has slightly more risk. However, the riskiest option here is diversification, which means the launch of an untested product.


The SOSTAC term in this stands for situation, objectives, strategy, tactics, action, and control. Besides, this model is such a helpful planning model that it is used to create marketing strategies. Again, it can be a suitable tool to review your process. Each step here is an important part that helps in the entire development. The main steps here are to identify the current scenario, define goals, make plans, and outline the ways to execute. Reviewing these steps can help you ensure you’re meeting your goals. 

Product Life Cycle Model

This model is used to develop new products. Besides, it can refine existing products and It can predict when it is time to discontinue a product. The model consists of four stages: Introduction, Growth, Maturity, and Decline. In the first step, you introduce the product to your customers. This typically involves efforts to make the public aware of the new release. As the product becomes popular, it enters the growth stage. Then, the products face many other competitors in the market. During maturity, growth slows down, and that’s the time when you need to work on your skills. During the decline, you need to shift your efforts to better product development so that the sales do not decrease.

McKinsey 7-S Model

The model focuses on seven main elements that should have a good balance for the success of a business. The seven circles include structure, culture, styles, staff, systems, skills, and shared values. The shared values remain in the centre. It connects the other circles to show that each of the elements together can ensure the success of the company. You need to consider how your marketing efforts can impact your business in each category.


Suppose you are a marketing head of a company and you need to create a digital marketing plan. Then you would need models that provide a helpful flow as to what to include. Besides these ensure nothing is missed. Some of the classic digital marketing models as mentioned above can be highly useful. Go through the article and choose the best one that suits you. However, if you still need help with marketing assignment, you can also hire an expert in this field.

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