List of Common Obstacles That Students May Face in the US

Studying abroad is one of the most thrilling experiences a student can have. Traveling, mingling, learning another language, and, of course, receiving an overseas degree are all once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Moving to another nation, on the other hand, is a difficult shift for some people, with numerous hurdles along the route. However, this essay will surely help you overcome any challenges that may arise along the way.

It could be a wonderful experience to study in the US. Because of the cultural differences between your native country and the US, it may be nerve-racking at first. We’ve created a list of some of the challenges that foreign students encounter when they arrive in the US, as well as suggestions for how to deal with them. Taking on challenges may make your stay in the US more enjoyable when you have the potential to overcome them. The best study visa consultants can certainly provide you with detailed advice.

The following are some of the main challenges that are possible for some students to face while studying in the US:

Communication Limitations

The language barrier is one of the most prevalent difficulties that students face when studying abroad. You may have spent the previous five years learning the language, yet it will feel entirely foreign once you get into the nation. Locals utilize language that you don’t understand, and the same item can be defined in several ways. This may make you feel like an outsider at times, but consider it an opportunity to grow. The majority of locals appreciate your efforts to connect with them in their native language. While it may appear to be a challenging task, the more you practice, the more confident you will feel. And, certainly, being fluent in a foreign language when you return home is extremely beneficial!

Depression and Loneliness

Even brave hearts struggle to leave a family member behind. Many of them are still unable to visit their relatives because this is their first chance to leave their parents’ comfort zones. In today’s digital age, children have easy access to their family, relatives, and even friends. They can communicate with them through video chat on services such as Facebook Messenger, Instant Messaging, and Google Duo. Individuals who chat at least once a day will find it very fulfilling. This will also allow them to spend more time on their education and purposes of life.


There is no doubt that each country has its cultural practices. In addition to learning the language and currency of the country, you must also become acquainted with its culture. You are probably unaware of the “basic rules” at home, which are the things you do regularly that others may not be aware of. We understand that a handshake may be popular in one culture but deemed unfriendly in another. Observe and immerse yourself in the local culture, just like you would with anything else. You’ll get used to it and begin informing new people about different cultures.


Some students may struggle to find lodging in the US while studying. They’re not sure who to meet or where to begin. It might be suitable in densely populated places. In general, students in the US enjoy a wide range of lodging options. Several websites cater to overseas students who come to the US to complete their studies. Many educational institutions keep their websites updated with housing information. Learners can also share a room with other students, making it more economical to live in the US.

Cultural Fright

There is little doubt that culture shock is the most common reaction students have when studying abroad. Fortunately, the US is a global culture, so the varied beliefs and traditions help you feel less alone on this trip. Overseas students must immediately grasp cultural variations such as body posture, respect cues, and general speed of life. Understanding American culture and successfully adjusting to it is the most effective approach to combat culture shock. It is also vital to preserve the culture of your home! Those facing culture shock will benefit from maintaining their own culture while adapting to the US. You can also get help from the best consultant for USA study visa, where you will find all the answers to your student visa needs.


Most international students in the US confront the challenges stated above. In reality, challenges and difficulties vary from person to person. We genuinely hope that by gathering enough courage and determination, students can easily overcome their limitations.