Linksys WiFi Range Extender: Troubleshooting Tips

Linksys WiFi range extender is that networking device that connects with your home router and extends its signals. You just have to place the extender near the router and link them together with each other with the help of Ethernet cable.

You can also connect the extender to router using WPS button. But, it is not enough, must have to access the Linksys interface to complete the Linksys WiFi extender setup.

Here, we will not discuss any setup. This article is filled with the troubleshooting tips that help you to the set Linksys extender up, make its performance better, and some solutions to fix any technical issues. So, let’s start this full of tips article without wasting any time.

Troubleshooting Tips: Linksys WiFi range extender Setup

Here you will learn and read six major troubleshooting tips that you must follow or apply while settings up or to make your extender perform better. Let’s start a quick tour of these tips one by one.

Check Linksys WiFi range extender On Optimal Spot

The network interruption can occur if the extender is near to the electronic devices like microwave ovens. So, you have to check that Linksys range extender as well as the router is not near to any electronic devices.

If the mentioned scenario is true, then you have to change the networking devices location to an optimal spot.

Replace Damaged Cable Connection

The usage of damaged cables like Ethernet cable to connect extender to router can trouble you with problems like extender is not connecting to the internet or it is not working.

To dispel these issues, you have to check that there is no damage in the cable, if it is then; replace the cable with a new one right away. Also, check the wall socket that you are using to supply power to the extender is in good condition.

Clean Linksys WiFi range extender Once in Week

The dust on the router or extender hardware can cause you some of the technical issues like not receiving internet signals through Ethernet cable.

So, you should clean your networking devices with a clean cotton cloth. If the dust particles are inside the ports, then you have to use compressed air to clean port.

Use Updated Web Browser to Login

Accessing the Linksys range extender interface using your computer via IP address is the most important part of the setup. You should us the updated web browser to access the interface.

Also, make sure your router is fully configured. Use the router’s login URL to reach the interface and manage the settings like Linksys router has myrouter.local.

Reboot Extender Once in Month

Rebooting the extender will refresh the extender settings and system. Let’s how you can restart your Linksys range extender.

  • Find the power On/Off button and press it twice.
  • Pressing it first time will turn off the extender.
  • Hitting it second time will restart it.

Reset If Problem Not Solving

If the problem is very big and you can’t able to solve it by applying all troubleshooting tips, then in this situation, you have to the reset the Linksys extender.

  • Find and long press the reset button on the range extender.
  • After resetting the device, you have to adjust the settings and networks again.

Wrap Up

Here, you have learned six major troubleshooting tips that help you to setup Linksys extender error free, make its performance better, and dispel any technical problem. Hope, you have gone through the article and added some knowledge.

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