Kraft Paper Rolls: Lend Earthy Vibes To Your Goods

When you think of packaging supplies, there are so many useful products that cater to the day-to-day needs of businesses. Be it the cushioning provided by the bubble wrap or space filling by newspaper offcuts to protect the goods in transit. Robust corrugated cardboard boxes or Kraft paper rolls, businesses require these packaging materials to safely ship their goods.

Out of all these popular packaging supplies, let’s learn about the brown craft paper rolls and how they can lend earthy vibes to your goods.

When & Who Discovered The Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper was invented by an engineer in Germany in the late 1800s. Car F. Dahl discovered a high strength paper when he treated wood chips with white liquor. The white liquor contains sodium hydroxide and sodium sulphide. This paper became popular as kraft paper and today brown kraft paper rolls have become an indispensable packaging material.

A chemical reaction takes place due to white liquor and wood changes to pulp removing a structural component known as lignin. Cellulose fibres are bound together with lignin, which acts as a natural glue. After lignin is removed, cellulose fibre is left behind. This fibre is structurally resistant and hence it is durable. This pulp as mentioned above is known as the kraft paper. It is brown in colour or white when bleached and its texture is rough. Today, the demand for Kraft paper rolls is growing, especially environmentally conscious brands, prefer it.

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Advantages of Brown Kraft Paper Rolls

Kraft paper rolls have many advantages and hence businesses are opting for them.

Kraft Paper is Environmentally Friendly

Businesses and consumers, both have become environmentally conscious. For this reason businesses today are opting for environmentally-friendly packaging supplies, such as brown kraft paper rolls. This craft brown paper can lend earthy vibes to your goods. If you are eco conscious then this material with natural texture produced from wood is ideal for your brand.

This paper is manufactured from recycled materials and it can also be easily recycled. Brown paper is effortlessly compostable and naturally biodegradable. Also, the chemicals used during the making of this material are reused, making the process environmentally friendly.

Strong Material Ideal For Making Durable Bags

Kraft paper is a strong material and the name itself has come from the German word ‘Kraft’ which means ‘strength’. It gets its strength from increased sulphur content and decreased lignin. In its natural form and when unbleached, this paper possesses high strength. It can be utilised as grocery bags or any other industrial usage.
This paper is considered better than the normal paper in terms of strength as it provides higher protection. As it is resistant to piercing, it is great for making durable bags. Also, it can be laminated or coated to prevent from any damage from humidity, grease, dust, oil or water. To save it from moisture, wet strength can also be added to the brown kraft paper.

Bubble wrap rolls can be used to add an extra layer of cushioning and protection.

Affordable Packaging Material

Brown paper is an affordable packaging material as it is manufactured at a low cost. It can be manufactured using the most easily available wood species like pine and bamboo. Shipping cost is lower when you use this paper as it is lightweight. The chemicals used to manufacture the brown paper can be reused, making it quite cost effective.

Versatile Brown Kraft Paper Rolls

Brown craft paper is versatile and can be bought in rolls of brown or white colour. White sheets are bleached whilst brown sheets are unbleached. Both types of paper are utilised by businesses for various purposes. For branding this paper is easy to use as it can be printed effortlessly.