How to Use Winter Flowers in Winter-Themed Events and Celebrations

The first snowfall has arrived and the holiday season is upon us. As we bundle up against the cold and decorate our homes for the winter holidays, we inevitably turn to traditional wintery motifs. Twinkling lights, evergreens, stockings by the fireplace – these familiar decorations transport us back to cherished memories of holidays past.

But if you’re looking for a way to add a fresh twist to your seasonal decor this year, consider incorporating some unexpected natural elements – winter flowers. 

Look to Wintery Whites

White flowers evoke images of freshly fallen snow and icy crystals. To get that winter white look, some ideal options to get from your local florist in Marshfield MA are roses, calla lilies, tulips, and orchids. White blooms pop against rich green foliage like holly or pine boughs. For centerpieces and wreaths, mix white flowers with glittery accents, frosted pinecones, or crystal embellishments for an elegant winter style.

Incorporate Evergreen Foliage

Evergreen branches and leaves are synonymous with winter. Pine, cedar, fir, and spruce naturally convey a crisp, cold-weather feel. Use clippings of evergreen foliage as backdrop greens in arrangements and garlands. Or hang small wreaths made from twisted evergreen boughs and accented with red winter berries on walls or tables. The fresh, earthy fragrance of evergreens will instantly make any space feel more like a winter wonderland.

Look to Wintery Hues

While pristine white flowers fit the winter palette, don’t be afraid to incorporate other hues that capture the colors of the season. Rich blues and purples reminiscent of dusk in the winter sky make stunning statement colors. Pale blue hydrangeas, violet tulips, or iris flowers in wintery shades can be blended with white flowers and greenery for unique cold-weather arrangements.

Even pale pinks and peaches can evoke images of winter sunsets and rosy cheeks on a crisp day. Pastel peach roses, carnations in blush pink, or spray roses in frosty colors are pretty options for winter floral designs. Those hues can be balanced with creams and whites to keep the look feeling chilly yet cheery.

Embrace Poinsettias

No flower says “winter” quite like the poinsettia. Available in red, white, pink, marbled, and other festive varieties at your local Hanover florist shop, poinsettias are ideal for any winter or holiday-themed event. Use them in centerpieces, as table accents, or clustered on fireplace mantles. With their signature red and green coloring, poinsettias naturally align with traditional Christmas décor. But they can also be incorporated into wintery decor that’s more subtly seasonal.

Add Warmth with Reds and Golds

While cool tones convey the icy side of winter, rich reds, crimsons, and gold represent the warmth of the season. When used strategically, these fiery hues can make floral arrangements pop. Deep red amaryllis blossoms, golden sunflowers, or mini red carnations are vibrant choices. For a more subtle look, dust the edges of white flower petals with golden glitter or use them as accent colors against a backdrop of winter whites. Reds and gold should be balanced with cooler tones to keep arrangements feeling chilly.

Embrace Unexpected Texture

Don’t overlook unique floral textures when planning winter flowers arrangements and displays. Feathery ferns, fuzzy kale leaves, large dramatic protea blooms, and spiky branches offer visual interest and unique shapes. Combining unexpected textures creates depth and dimension. Transitioning from smooth roses to fuzzy eucalyptus to spiky juniper cuttings makes arrangements come alive.

Consider Seasonal Scents

The scent is so closely tied to memory, so get fragrant winter flowers from your nearby Scituate florist to spark nostalgia. Sweet osmanthus, paperwhite narcissus, freesia, and hyacinth all have notes that just say “winter.” When guests get a whiff of their fragrances, it can instantly conjure up recollections of the season. Prioritize these aromatic flowers in centerpieces, wreaths, and garlands that are meant to be touched and enjoyed up close.

Whether hosting an elegant soiree or an intimate family dinner, a touch of these above-mentioned seasonal flowers can set the scene. Get your winter flower delivery in Scituate MA from Flowers & Festivities and make your unique arrangements or enjoy one from our designs.

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