How to Use Aluminum Bi-Fold Doors to Build Disappearing Walls

Homeowners face the dilemma of choosing between a wall and door that connect to the patio or outdoor garden. In most cases, they build walls and glass doors for magnificent views. But what do you do when you want a wall that disappears? How about using bi-fold doors? 

Bi-fold doors compare to sliding doors in terms of views and ventilation, but they work better as walls. These doors combine multiple panels that can move to one side, leaving the wall space open to the outside. To satisfy your curiosity, look at how aluminium bi-fold doors are perfect for disappearing walls.

Bi-Fold Doors for Disappearing Walls

Bi-fold windows and doors are more approachable for creating large walls that can disappear within a blink of an eye. Their traditional design makes them accessible for any home design, whether modern or traditional. Bi-fold doors as walls can have between 4-7 sliding panels that fold into one side of the home. These glass panes can reach up to 3 meters high and 1.2 meters wide. Therefore, you are more flexible in determining how you want your glass walls to look.

These glass panels fold to one side, allowing up to 95% of the entryway. The other 5% holds the stacked doors together. The large aluminium frames also create a secure wall since they are unbreakable, rust and corrosion-resistant. In the long run, you get a wall with better views of external spaces.

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Factors to Consider When Using Bi-Fold Doors for Disappearing Walls:

● Sill Quality

Since these doors fold by gliding on a track, the sill should be quality because it connects interior and exterior surfaces. Sills prevent water entry and create a distinction between the floor finishing on both sides. 

Minimal seals are more ineffective for managing water than ones that protrude from the floor. Despite multiple seal types, a standard one should have a water barrier that matches the frame design. Flushed sill designs are incompatible with areas prone to storms considering they can allow water and wind to penetrate.

● Glass Strength

Bi-fold windows and doors manufacturers prioritize glass strength when making these doors for disappearing walls. Stronger glass and aluminium frames are ideal for stormy weather and can withstand all forms of heavy impact during a burglary attempt. In addition, the materials should be resistant to wear and tear from regular usage. 

Pressure and ingress-tested doors with higher ratings are great for all environments. Aluminum bi-fold doors built with Japanese technology have stronger rubber gaskets that keep noise away from the house.

● Material Quality

A reliable aluminium door manufacturer will have multiple finishing designs you can explore. Doors built according to global standards offer unmatched quality since they guarantee superior strength and corrosion/abrasion resistance. Surface and colour protection are also other factors most people tend to overlook. The surface coating ensures a long-lasting lustre and maximum heat and water resistance, especially in warmer weather.

● Hardware and Finishes

Hardware and finishes are double-edged swords that enhance aesthetics and functionality. The types of handles and locks on doors must be cycle tested to ensure their durability over long usage periods. This hardware must also have finishes that match the home’s aesthetics and existing décor. 

When selecting double bi fold doors for walls, it is crucial to consider the top support that holds them. The supports should work swiftly for the door to open with a slight push. The type of handles also determines how secure the house will be, with intuitive locks that are burglar-proof.

When choosing bi-fold doors for walls in a home, it is compulsory to research the best solutions that are compatible with your region. Environmental degradation can affect your doors, forcing you to replace them before their time. To avoid such stress, pick aluminium doors built to global standards with quality glass and frame finishing. These doors are rust and corrosion-proof and will perform better even in the heaviest winds.