How To Prepare for Everest Base Camp Trek

Preparation of Everest base camp trek refers to technical practice for successful trekking to base camp. Trek preparation is important to prevent difficulties in walking and covering long distances during the trek. Making the body flexible through exercises supports to compete for difficult trials at an easy pace.

Some easy methods of Everest base camp trek preparation are listed below:

  • Walking: The easiest and best method of trek preparation includes walking 2,3 hours a day before three months of trek. Good practice of walking on slopes and mountains is recommended for a successful trek.
  • Running: if you don’t have more time for walking than you can do 10 km running a day before three months of trekking. Running makes your body stronger and avoid twisting of muscles during the trek.
  • Cycling: You can do cycling instead of walking and running depending on your interest. Cycling also makes your muscles stronger and helps to make your trekking easier.
  • Physical exercises: Different physical exercises like squat, push–up, flexibility Training, and swimming to make your muscles stronger for successful trekking.
  • Medical checkup: Whole body checkup is essential before planning for trekking. Good mental and physical health is required for trekking. You can do the required medication to make your body healthy.
  • Yoga and meditation: You can follow different Yoga and meditations to make your body healthy. It is best method of trek preparation.
  • Cost: You can choose the budget or luxury trek to prepare the cost for trekking. The Budget EBC trek is comparatively lower than the Everest base camp luxury trek.
  • Booking the trek: You can choose any of the local or international trekking companies to book the trek. Booking secures your flight and accommodation and makes your trekking easier.
  • Permit: You need a Sagarmatha National Park permit and a Pasang Lamu Rural Municipality permit for the EBC trek. Management of permits comes under official responsibility. but If you want to do a solo trek then you should have these permits for trekking.

Conclusion of Everest base camp trek preparation

Over all EBC trek preparation includes walking, running, cycling, physical exercises, medical checkups, yoga and meditation, cost, booking and permit. All these preparation techniques are essential for trekking in Everest region, Nepal.