How to Move Your Business Carefully?

How to organize office relocation and business transfer? Is your business growing and do you need larger offices or a better location? Check indicative prices and find out how to save using our quote request service.

What are the costs of a business transfer?

Moving company offices is an operation that cannot be improvised, takes time, and must be properly planned. Indeed, any company needs to avoid as much as possible the temporary cessation of its activity during the transfer of the business.

An organizational effort is therefore more important to prepare future offices. But also, to move all computer equipment, as well as transfer archives and files, without slowing down the work of employees at the same time.

Support, the success of a problem-free business transfer

Calling on Movers and packers in Dubai is essential to ensure a smooth transition into the new premises and also allow the company to take care of the human resources and personnel management part. Communication is the essential key internally to successfully move your offices and employees.

Control your budget by requesting quotes from moving company professionals

Office transfer is a very unique activity in the moving market. There are Professional office Movers in Dubai specializing in business transfers. They bring you their skills and experience in this area. To control your budget, it is above all essential to have a precise idea of ​​the costs to anticipate. Request quotes now from qualified movers, via our online form, and quickly receive the first estimates so you can compare the prices and services offered.

Frequently asked questions

How does business transfer work?

Any employer can transfer a business when he:

– Ceases his business

– Sells his business

– Wants to merge two or more businesses

– Wishes to make a succession

What happens if your employer changes?

Dubai law protects you in the event of a change of employer, therefore, you have the right to maintain or reduce working hours while keeping your old salary. Likewise, if you have not received your bonuses or salaries from the previous owner, it is the responsibility of the new owner to make the payments.

The moving date

The first step is therefore to determine with the owner or general manager when the best time will be for an office move. Usually, companies take advantage of weekends or vacation periods to move, to guarantee the continuity of work activities. The periods at the end of the fiscal year or the summer period are most often considered, because they are less busy in terms of work and activity, for example.

Residential Movers in Dubai are well aware of these needs and provide fast service, with minimal inconvenience to your business. If it is a small office, it is usually possible to complete all operations in one day.

What happens during a transfer of activity?

During a transfer of activity, the conditions for the employee remain the same. Furthermore, this means that neither the position nor the salary changes. The only change occurs at the employer level.

Cost estimate for a business move

Difficult to estimate the overall cost of moving a company, many factors must be taken into account such as the layout of future offices. Depending on the size of the company, the new location, and the nature of the offices (head office, branch), the bill can quickly climb and it often costs several thousand, or even millions for large groups. ! Here is an indication of the costs to take into account for the business transfer:

Business transfer: where to start?

You must first set the moving date to prepare for the business transfer. This may be a potential date. Start by assessing the deadlines and the operations to be carried out. For example, start looking for new premises and plan the steps to take before any move.

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