How To Deliver A Perfect Presentation? Tips From PPT Experts

Is there an easy and quick way to make my presentation slides more impressive? Why my slide format is not correct? Do I need to focus on color and size when making my slides? So many questions pop up in students’ minds. Well, fortunately, we have come up with tricks and tips that will help you with your presentations.

Slide decks and presentations are important components of modern work that require significant time while designing slides, writing notes, or reviewing your slides. PowerPoint is universally used worldwide at workplaces, lecture halls, and other places. Unfortunately, we all are not too familiar with making eye-catching and informative slides.

In this blog, we have compiled some tips that will help you to improve your PowerPoint slides. Let’s have a look at these tips and tricks that will enhance the impact of your academic presentations.

Tips To Improve Your Presentation

You can follow these tips to enhance your entire presentation rapidly with these techniques. Follow these tips to ensure a great presentation in every aspect.


Texts on slides represent your oral presentation and their purpose is to highlight the key points. We all know that using too much text on slides is a bad presentation practice. However, many of us still overload the slides with text and irrelevant information. Following are the factors that you need to be careful about when adding text to your slides.

  1. Keep It Short, Concise, And To The Point

Remember one thing, your presentation is just to support your story. So, it is good to avoid putting all of the text on the slides because then your audience will not listen to you and they will keep reading the extra texts that you have placed on your slide.

The best approach is to reduce the text. Only write bullet points and that is too sweet and short. Additionally, you can follow the simple rule of text in presentation, write only 5 lines on each slide, and the line should not exceed more than 5 words.

Keeping your text bullet and concise will assist engage your audience and make them pay attention to you instead of the text full slides.  If you still think making an ideal presentation for your important event is an uphill task for you then you can ask any Academic Writing Service provider to help you create the best presentation.

  • Select The Right Font

Try to choose classic fonts instead of creative fonts. Selecting the wrong font can make your texts unreadable as well as not understandable to your audience. One more important thing, not all computers have all the fonts. For example: if you have prepared your presentation in any font and when you are going to present on some other computer might be possible that the computer does not possess that font. It is necessary to choose classic fonts that are easily available in every system. Some of the popular fonts are Sans, Calibri, and Arial are safe choices and easily available on every computer.

  • Intensify Readability With Ideal Font Size

To make your presentation more effective it’s always a great idea to highlight facts and important lines bolder, brighter, and bigger than others. However, choosing the right font size can be difficult.  On the other hand, your slides must be readable to your audience. At the same time, you need to be careful that your text size should not dominate all space. Learn and research about the ideal font sizes that will help you to make an impressive presentation.


Straightforward, yet extra-ordinary design can intensify your message. So, always remember that simplicity gets the most attention. Try to find a balanced design. It is great to only use 3 or 4 colors that combine well instead of making it an entire color palette.

Below we have mentioned some simple and easy design tips that will assist you in crafting an excellent presentation.

  1. Increase Contrast And Coloring Wisely

It is crucial to pay attention to contrast. As we know it is better to use light text color over dark backgrounds and vice versa. Also, if you are using text on a photo it could become a bit more tricky. Colors add flair to your presentation so, picking the right theme is important to get the eyes of the audience. Your colors need to be defined according to your target audience.  If you are presenting at your school you need to choose bright colors and if you are presenting at your workplace you need to be modest with your choice. If you are a student then you must know how important presentation grades are. Make your difficult presentations easier by seeking assignment help because no one would like to compromise on their grades.

  • Using Relevant Visuals

We often see people take Google pictures and add them to their presentations. This is wrong and creates a worse impression on the audience. To make your presentation the best you need to make your visuals of high quality. Make sure that you use relevant images that support your topic. Present data visually as much as possible

  • Use Animations Meagerly

Don’t take the last tip as you should completely avoid adding animations or other attractive effects. Using sufficient animation in your presentation can help you to make your presentation more appealing. Additionally, you can use animated text for some bullet points which will help you grab the audience’s attention.

  • Present Your Data Visually

Whenever your presentation contains a lot of data it is better to communicate through visual formats and not just by excessive texts. Graphs might give you the excellent results that you are looking for. For example: pick the doughnut graph to represent your percentages in the center of the graph. In this way, your audience can immediately understand your message.

  • Create An Outline Of Your Presentation

Creating an outline at the start of your presentation will assist you to take a start on the right foot. Especially, if your presentation is long and you are delivering it with other people. Your presentation should include at least these slides.

Welcome Slide: This slide includes the title and description.

Menu Slide: You can place your presentation table of contents here to quickly access it.

Summary slide. This slide will include the summary. It will summarize your idea and would be a great help when you are wrapping up.

In A Nutshell,

Finally, you are now aware of how to make an attractive presentation. These tips will surely help you to get a high-quality presentation and will assist you to improve. These techniques will connect you with your audience and reduce presenter stress. It will make your presentation experience more enjoyable for everyone.