How To Crush Your Next Sales Strategy Presentation

Let us just put it out there for you!


Just like a jar of cookies that are left uncovered on the kitchen counter for two weeks, including the fuzzy mold. Eek!

As soon as you start to feel comfy with your go-to sales presentation, take it as a cue to revamp it. What? Well, dummy! In the sales realm, being comfortable means something is amiss. We are just spitting facts for you!

There is absolutely nothing that prompts a deadly dull environment as swiftly as a boring and stale sales presentation. Unfortunately, we have all been there, right?

Instead of just proving your points, your goal should be to get as unique and persuasive as possible to keep your clients on the edge of their seats. This is the essence of how sales presentations should work.

We do agree that it sounds very elementary, but it is not always so black and white. If you are feeling a bit baffled by the ideas, worry not!

We are here as your guiding light to help you crush your next sales strategy presentation in no time. Read below to find out how.

Sales Presentation 101 | Seal The Deal With These Strategies

Speak To The Challenges Of Your Clients

First and foremost, you have to speak to your client’s challenges. Ha! Seems like a child’s play, no? But we cannot emphasize enough how many people overlook this aspect. This is why we have included this point in our list – to highlight its significance. Always bear in mind why you are called to speak in front of a dozen people. It is always because of a challenge or a problem that your company needs to solve.

The instant you lose track of this significant detail, no matter how great a presentation designer London you are, you kill your own chance. Because come on! Who wants to hear about what you can provide if it doesn’t fit their requirements? Therefore, it is advised to pay attention to certain parts of your client’s business that you can make easier or more effective with your services rather than ranting about how great your company is.

Don’t Just Spit Out A Memorized Script

There is nothing worse you can do to yourself than memorizing the entire presentation. If it is well-rehearsed, it can backfire. A lot of salespeople swear by cramming every aspect of your presentation in your mind. However, if you do so, you will look no less than a robot reading a script. Geez! It will result in people tuning you out. 

Moreover, we are sure that you would agree with us on this one – the entire concept of memorizing the presentation is a bit mind-numbing, isn’t it?

For instance, consider yourself giving a presentation. While presenting, you forgot just the right word that you included in your script. Oh no! You have the entire thing up there in your mind. Yet still, you are standing confused, with your mouth open and your body frozen just because of that insignificant word. How frustrating!

So, to make your presentations more open to going with the flow, it is always a nicer plan, never to spit out a memorized script.

Master Your Body Language

No matter how much you want, there are a lot of different factors that you cannot be in charge of while giving a PowerPoint presentation UK. For instance, the heavy breathing of the manager sitting next to you or the obnoxious coughs of the executive sitting in front of you. Urgh!

Luckily, what you can control comes under the list of essential factors during a presentation. Can you guess what it is? That is correct! Your body language! While presenting, always remember that your body language can say a lot more than your vocal chords ever could. To master this aspect, consider the list given below:

  1. Lean forward
  2. Keep your arms open rather than keeping them crossed
  3. Never point; instead, use a full arm sweep if you need to gesture toward something
  4. Smile naturally
  5. Utilize eye contact
  6. Notice what your feet are doing. Do you know that if your feet are close together, it is a sign of self-distrust? On the contrary, feet with a wide stance display more confidence.

Utilize Case Studies

Do you remember those allegedly never-ending days of being trapped in your classrooms, having to listen to your tutor go on and on and on…? Well, there are chances that you are following in their footsteps, especially if your sales presentation is all about talking and talking and talking… Notice the similarity? That is what we were trying to tell you.

If you keep on ranting without any factual basis, chances are your clients will feel exactly like how you used to feel back in the day – trapped inside the never-ending meeting room. Shudder! To avoid this, we suggest you use case studies. They serve as a worthwhile tool that shows real examples of how what your company offers has been used successfully.

Moreover, these studies also serve as a way to get rid of any confusion. Psst! Quick Tip? To make your presentations more engaging, try getting help from the best online UK presentation designers.

Focus On The 80/20 Rule

This strategy closely acts in accordance with the 1st point that we highlighted. What was that again? You must address the company’s challenges that you are going to fix rather than rant about why your company is oh-so-great. That’s right!

So, it is advised that you plan about 80 percent of the presentation, speaking to them about how your company can solve their issues. Focus on the problems they are experiencing. Trust us. It will go a long way.

There, there, look at that long face, silly! Okay, okay! You can brag about your oh-so-great company in the remaining 20 percent of the time. Happy now?

Summing It All Up!

It is no secret that sales presentations are a love-it-or-hate-it part of any business, right? So, no matter if you consider yourself a natural presenter who loves to present or the ones who dread giving presentations, you have to present in front of serious-looking professionals at some point in your life, anyway.

So, it is better to prepare for this moment in advance. Fortunately, delivering presentations is something that can be taught and polished with time. Give yourself plenty of time before your next sales presentation. Keep the strategies discussed above in mind, and that is all.

Once you do this, you will feel much more comfortable and confident in your style. And believe us, your boss will notice this, too, especially after looking at your customer retention rates! We know you are going to crush your next sales presentation with these strategies.