How to Balance the Water Level in Infinity Pools!

One of the most mesmerizing aspects of creating a calm sanctuary among dynamic landscapes is the management of water levels in an infinity pool. Immerse yourself as we reveal the science and technology that create the mesmerizing illusion of infinity pools like the Cloud 22 Atlantis Infinity Pool and its perfectly balanced water dance.

The Enigmatic Balancing Tank: A Hidden Marvel

The balancing tank is the showpiece of all infinity pools just like the Cloud 22 Atlantis Infinity Pool. This equipment exemplifies the perfect balance between form and function in an overflow pool, which is often disregarded despite its critical importance. This clever device is required for the overflow pool to function properly, in contrast to skimmer pools.

The water cascading elegantly over the pool’s edge makes the horizon seem boundless. But this magical impact isn’t a fluke; it’s all planned out in advance. A gutter attached to the surge tank is positioned at a level below the pool’s edge in the overflow pool, allowing water to depart the pool.

The Symphony of Functionality

As soon as the pump sucks water from the base drain of the tank, the aquatic dance may commence. The hypnotic overflow, a thin blade of water falling smoothly, begins its trip through the hydraulic filter circuit as this liquid jewel sets out on its voyage.

Here’s where it gets magical: the balancing tank stores the exact amount of water needed to create that delicate overflow, all while blending in beautifully with the infinity pool’s natural beauty. Plus, it’s like having a personal guardian that watches over the infinity pool, making sure it stays that way by making up for water lost to evaporation and other factors.

The Art of Elegance, Perfected

However, subtleties abound throughout this symphony. The balance tank stops adding water once the filtration system isn’t running, revealing the complex engineering behind it. What turns a plain pool into a magical show is the delicate harmony between form and function.

Why, however, doesn’t the pool fill up whenever the filtration pump stops? The solution is found in this intricate balance; when the filtration stops, the water contribution from the balancing tank stops as well, keeping the pool at the ideal level until the filtration starts again. The Cloud 22 Atlantis is no different and you can enjoy it to the fullest with the expert tour guides of the U.A.E, Captain Dunes. Imagine yourself completely engrossed in this mesmerizing water ballet while admiring the breathtaking scenery of the UAE. Captain Dunes is more than just a tour guide; they are master storytellers and event organizers in the United Arab Emirates. They create out-of-this-world experiences throughout the place, from the magical Cloud 22 Atlantis Infinity Pool to the otherworldly landscapes.

The Role of Water Level Control

Mastering the art of water management in the balance tank hinges on one crucial task: managing the water level. Unchecked dangers from outside sources can upset this balance and have far-reaching effects if not dealt with.

Safeguarding Against Variations

Picture this: the water level in the balancing tank drops due to a leak somewhere in the pool, the tank, or the pipes. The pump might try to pull water incessantly without proper protection, which could cause burnout from a lack of water. The only way to stop the pump and enable automatic leveling in the case of such an accident is to install a system.

Nighttime Challenges and Rainy Intricacies

Nighttime poses its own set of difficulties. If the check valve is clogged with dirt, it might stay open, letting pool water into the balancing tank. Depending on the level of the balancing tank, the pool may experience partial or full siphoning when the water exceeds the catch basin’s overflow. Using a high-safety device that activates the filter pump when needed, outside of the scheduled clock hours, may prevent this common problem.

The mystery of the water level is complicated further by precipitation. The level of the balancing tank might be raised if the pool water level surges as a result of rain. The filter pump may be operated more efficiently by installing a safety device that directs any surplus water to the drain.

Managing Bathing Load

More people than normal jumping in the pool may make it seem like it’s raining by raising the water level and throwing off the equilibrium tank. Here, the need for control becomes clear, as it guarantees the tank operates at its best regardless of different use patterns.

The Solution: Water Levelers

The balance tank is useless as a reservoir for water without the correct control mechanisms. An obvious preventative measure to take against possible pump damage or over-watering is to install pool water levelers. These levelers are like sentinels; they keep the infinity pool’s delicate balance exactly right by automatically altering the water levels.


Ensuring the smooth running of an overflow pool, especially an exquisite masterpiece like the Cloud 22 Atlantis Infinity Pool, relies on precisely controlling the water levels inside the balancing tank. This is more than just a technicality, however. Strong water level management techniques are required to deal with any changes brought on by leaks, difficulties at night, rains, or surges in bathers.

Modern pool water levelers are more than just a practical accessory; they are an investment in the longevity of your pool system, protection against harm, and a guarantee of a delightful experience every time.