How much spirit airlines charge for seat Assignment

Spirit Airlines is famous for its inexpensive tickets and large number of flights to popular holiday locations. Selecting your seat and the majority of other facilities besides the airfare actually will cost you more when flying Spirit based to the airline’s pricing structure.

Here’s what you should know about Spirit Airlines Seat Selection before you purchase your ticket. It includes the kinds of seats that are available and the possible prices.

Is there a seat selection process on Spirit Airlines?

Those on a budget traveler can completely avoid paying for seat choice. If so, the airline will select a seat at random for them when they check in.

Yes, that says that you could find yourself seated separate from your fellow travelers. Even if passengers purchased their tickets together. The airline says it can’t guarantee that they would be seated next to one another.

When possible, door agents and flight staff, based to the airline, will attempt to assign nearby seats to passengers who are 13 years of age or lower who are flying with an adult.

Particularly, that assurance falls short of the new requirements set forth by the US Department of Transport for airlines for offering nearby family seats.

How to select your Spirit Airlines seat?

When choosing a place to sit on Spirit, you primarily have three choices:

Pay for individual Spirit Airlines Seat Selection at the time of booking or at any point before check-in.

Purchase a package that offers priority boarding, luggage handling, and seat selection.

Ignore seat preference and pay nothing. If you select this option, your seat at check-in will be assigned by the airline at random.

Seat selection fees on Spirit Airlines

The cost of a seat assignment might vary greatly depending on the aircraft and seat selection. According to Spirit, a regular seat can cost as little as $5 each flight and as much as $200 in the more expensive cases.

Big Front Seats cost between $12 to $750 per path. Which is more than regular seats in exchange for the additional space. On the actual day of your trip, you may save cash by purchasing for an increase to a Big Front Seat. But there’s always a chance these won’t be present.

At $20 per seat every flight on a typical basis, Spirit Airlines is the costliest major U.S. airline based on NerdWallet’s survey of airline seat fees. In that rating, Spirit is just behind its low-cost airline competitor, Frontier.

Spirit Airlines elite members’ preferred seating

The option to choose a seat at no cost is one of the greatest benefits of having elite membership with Spirit Airlines. The following are Spirit’s elite level member’s privileges for seat selection:

Free Spirit Silver users may choose their own seat at the time of entry. And may be eligible to transfer to an exit row ticket for free before departure.

When making a booking. Free Spirit Gold users have the right to free seat selection. Which includes exit rows.

You use the Free Spirit® Travel Extra World Elite Mastercard® on a regular basis. You can use it to earn points for Free Spirit elite status by flying and making regular purchases. For every $10 spent on qualified purchases. Cardholders receive one point.


Travelers can select the seat for the comfortable journey by using Spirit Airlines a319 Seating Chart. Choose the best place with low budget and have a pleasant journey.