Gift Yourself a New Look this Holiday: Shop for Trending Prescription Glasses

You didn’t choose to wear prescription glasses, but you are at liberty to select the frame and style that enhances your bespoke personality! The selection of frames for prescription glasses often becomes challenging as the limited knowledge gives us little insight into what frames will suit our personality and looks and what frames will be best suited for prescription glasses so that they don’t give your eyes a distorted look. Prescription glasses come with challenges, like finding the right lenses that provide maximum protection against Ultraviolet rays or blue light. Another massive challenge in selecting prescription glasses is the choice of shape, size, and color of the frame!

Buy Your Prescription Glasses Online:

The people in the house who feel eyes judging them when you are at the optician trying out different frames; we see you! At that point, either every frame looks good, or nothing looks good, so you accept your fate and select the one your optician tells you look perfect on you! Online stores like MYRX LENSES have made buying prescription glasses quite comfortable and hassle-free, and you can take your sweet time to do your homework about what’s best for you! The endless options and the cool, trendy styles allow you to pick the best!

This holiday season, we suggest you gift something meaningful that elevates your personality, makes you shine, and rocks your new look at family dinners! For a higher and stronger prescription, it is best to use a smaller lens to avoid distortion, bulkiness, and distorted look of eyes. Here’s a list of frames you can try for your prescription glasses that will suit you the best:

Prescription Glasses for Women:

Ladies, Take notes as we decode the style statement for your prescription glasses at MYRX LENSES!


Audrey is the epitome of elegant eyewear that draws attention. This woman’s frame is exquisite with its cat-eye form and sleek elegance. Audrey’s broad nose bridge provides all-day comfort without pinching, making you wonder how you coped without it.


Experience Piera’s edgy, fashionable, and comfortable square frame. Piera is a chic square women’s frame that combines style and comfort. Piera will refine your wardrobe with its auspicious metal front, plastic side temples, and silky spring hinges. Its temples and nose cushions provide unmatched comfort, making it excellent for progressive lenses and round faces.


Kelsey is the perfect cat-eye frame for strong women. Oversized frames with metal temples are sure to draw attention. Kelsey’s lightweight design and flexible nose pads make them comfortable and attractive for running errands, hanging out with friends, or resting at home.


Percy is a classic frame for women who like to stand out. With its traditional round form and exquisite studs, Percy is intriguing and refined, letting you stand out without being extravagant. Percy, made of high-quality materials, is lightweight and easy on the nose, allowing you to appear your best without bulky frames.


Chloe is the stunning set that transforms your style at one glimpse. This exquisitely designed women’s frame combines square and round features for unmatched intrigue and beauty. Chloe’s alluring cat-eye corners and two-tone color scheme elevate your sophisticated look and get comments. Chloe enhances the natural attractiveness of oblong or square faces, making it more than merely lovely.


This stylish square frame for prescription glasses adds flair to any attire, whether working on your computer or protecting your eyes from the sun. Lucy is durable and made with high-quality materials to survive busy work and travel days. Trust the lenses’ exceptional artistry for clear vision all day. Lucy’s sleek frames, intricate temples, and tips elevate any outfit, making it the perfect choice for fashionable and successful women.


Jane, a classic metal frame, is designed for comfort and style! This trendy frame lets you stand out at work or a party without sacrificing quality. Jane’s temple spring hinges provide a customized and comfortable fit, making it ideal for individuals who prefer sophisticated frames to plastic ones. The lightweight metal construction lets you wear them all day without feeling heavy, and the vibrant colors make you look your best.


Tatum is classic and iconic women’s eyewear that will make a statement in any ensemble. This distinctive club master frame has a strong plastic top and a luxurious metal bottom, elevating your style and appeal. The temple has conventional spring hinges for comfort and durability, making Tatum suitable. Add Tatum to your collection now and enjoy a timeless style for your prescription glasses.


Hallie is pure elegance for modern women. Hallie has the right oversized eye-size frames to enhance your image and suit your round face. Hallie will change your eyewear game with its fascinating design, seductive hues, and fading two-tone frame. Hallie is a confident, charming fashion statement with a square frame.


Grace is the new, fascinating frame that flawlessly blends beauty and affordability. Grace’s stylish design, lightweight material, and range of colors let you pick the ideal frame for your taste.

Shop the most stylish and wanted frames for prescription glasses for women at MYRX LENSES and make heads turn at the next big event!