Ghaziabad: A Hotspot for Commercial Investments in Delhi NCR

Ghaziabad is witnessing an ultimate transformation and has become the focus of prominent real estate investors. Its strategic location, flourishing economy, and strong infrastructure are the propelling factors behind its development as a central commercial centre.

However, what makes Ghaziabad such a potential destination for investment? Let’s examine the main commercial real estate market factors driving the city’s growth and identify an area that could transform the city’s property market.

  • Top Connectivity: Delhi, Noida, and other important NCR cities are also seamlessly connected to Ghaziabad. The region’s prime location is a major draw for businesses because of swift access to labour, populous markets, and raw materials. The latest completion of the RRTS corridor and the spread of the metro rail network contributed a lot to its popularity and made it a prosperous commercial and residential centre.
  • Diverse Investment Options: The Ghaziabad industrial real estate sector covers a wide variety of investing requirements. Whether you are looking for a premium retail space, an office unit, an anchor store, a food court or even a commercial studio apartment, there is an option to help you achieve your investment goals. Experienced and new investors will enjoy the plethora of investment opportunities available in the city. A prime example is the Gaur Aero Mall at Hindon, Ghaziabad. This commercial establishment by the renowned Gaurs Group is just a walking distance from Hindon Airport, which has been eyed by many investors.
  • Densely Populated Catchment Area: Ghaziabad is home to more than 1.6 crore people. The high population density means that businesses have good visibility. Buying commercial property in Ghaziabad can be a profitable undertaking for those who wish to develop a business or have regular rental income.
  • Thriving Industrial Powerhouse: The industrial area of Ghaziabad is the heartbeat of Delhi NCR. Top renowned brands, such as ITC, Coca-Cola, BHEL, and Tata Steel, have already set up their bases in this area. This strong industrial foundation ensures a consistent influx of professionals from the nearby areas, pushing the demand for commercial real estate in the area. Ghaziabad city’s reputation as an IT and outsourcing centre continues to drive the demand for commercial spaces, where Passport Studios by Gaurs is an excellent opportunity to look upon.
  • Future-Proof Infrastructure Development: Ghaziabad’s new smart city project is an advanced and powerful sign of its transition to being a smart city. However, these developments play a crucial part in increasing real estate prices.

Where to Invest in Ghaziabad?

Location in real estate is crucial. For those investors who are searching for a top-class location in Ghaziabad, the area around the Hindon Airport provides a great opportunity. Let’s check out the compelling reasons supporting why Ghaziabad must top your investment list:

  • Untapped Retail and Leisure Potential: The area currently lacks high-street retail and entertainment facilities, and there is a missing link in the chain.
  • Enhanced Connectivity with Airport Expansion: The Hindon Airport is set to launch commercial flights to 12 new domestic destinations, with the expectation of attracting more passing trade to the locality.
  • Proximity to Delhi: This strategic location is 3 kilometres from the national capital, giving an advantage in reaching out to many customer pools.
  • Multimodal Connectivity: The place has better access to roads, metro lines, and the newly introduced RRTS project.
  • Dense Residential Population: Over two lakh residents live within a 3 km radius, which accounts for a sizable customer base.

Gaur Airocity

Gaurs Group, a well-known real estate developer, have found this strategic site the ideal place for their premium project – Gaur Airocity Ghaziabad. Spanning over 15 acres of area, this township offers a plethora of opportunities for commercial investors, including:

  • Retail spaces
  • Food courts
  • Shops
  • Multiplex (partnership confirmed with Wave Cinemas)

This project caters to investors looking for a reasonable investment close to Delhi, where high real estate prices can be a stumbling block.

The Final Verdict

The real estate market in Ghaziabad is indeed a treasure trove for savvy investors. But location is among the most important factors to look out for when it comes to investing in commercial real estate. By knowing the right location in Ghaziabad, you can fetch massive yields that secure your future. Ghaziabad can be a favourite location because of its strong fundamentals—multimodal connectivity, excellent infrastructure, and high population density.

If you’re looking for the perfect location, Gaur Aero Mall at Hindon in Ghaziabad would be perfect. This area has many upcoming developments and investment opportunities and is highly recommended.

Are you ready to dive deep into Ghaziabad’s commercial real estate domain? Research the various areas, available properties, and current industry trends to choose the best option for you. Get ready to invest in Ghaziabad because it offers great opportunities and the possibility of making huge profits.