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As cold weather approaches, a puffer jacket is a must-have for any traveller. These quilted insulated coats are available in a wide variety of shapes, body lengths, and styles. Some use natural down while others have synthetic insulation like RAINS’s thinsulate featherless fill.

Whether you’re traveling or hiking, a puffer jacket keeps you warm and packs away small for easy storage. To help you find the perfect one, consider these factors:


As a staple puffer jacket with hood for both city dwellers and outdoorsy types, puffer coats are often very budget-friendly. Most use a combination of performance insulation like goose down or recycled polyester, which is less expensive than feathers and can be equally warm. Some even feature a water-resistant shell that works just as well as wool and cotton blends, making it easier to stay dry in rain or snow.

You can also look for coats that are made with sustainability attributes like recycled plastic or a “Responsible Down Standard” certification, which means the jacket was produced in accordance with ethical standards. Some coats even use alternative fill materials like vegan down or soft wadding obtained from recycling PET bottles.

When shopping for a budget-friendly puffer jacket, it’s important to consider the climate you typically wear your jacket in and any activities you plan on doing, Hopkins notes. For example, if you’re frequently traveling, a lightweight puffer parka that packs down to almost nothing is a great choice since it will fit easily in your suitcase and will help you feel comfortable on the plane or in transit.

This lightweight puffer jacket from Guess is a chic option for anyone looking for a versatile coat that won’t break the bank. It has a flattering boxy shape that won’t feel restrictive and is available in neutral shades that will match any outfit in your closet. You’ll also appreciate the zippered side pockets and a hood that promises to keep your head toasty on your winter getaways.


If you’re looking for a women’s puffer jacket that will keep you warm and dry all winter, there are plenty of options. You’ll find designs that are crafted with high-quality materials to ensure durability, comfort, and style. Choose a coat that’s padded with responsibly-sourced down or featherless wadding made from recycled plastic bottles for maximum warmth and minimum impact on the environment. Then, complete your outfit with a pair of wide-leg pants and a cashmere scarf for an elegant, everyday ensemble that will keep you warm until spring.

A puffer jacket can be a great addition to your cold-weather wardrobe, but the exact type of jacket you need depends on the types of activities you’ll be doing in the winter. For example, if you’re an avid mountaineer or snowboarder, then you’ll want a parka that’s designed for extreme cold and has a helmet-compatible hood. If you’re more casual, a lightweight puffer jacket with a hood might be better suited for milder winter weather and active pursuits.

Another factor to consider is how much water-repellency you’ll need. Some puffer jackets are fully waterproof, while others have less water-repellency. If you need a jacket that will stay warm in wet conditions, then you’ll want to opt for synthetic down or synthetic fiber insulation. Both of these types of insulation can hold in heat just as well as natural down, but they also resist moisture a little better than natural down.


When shopping for a new puffer jacket, there are a few key factors you need to keep in mind. These include silhouettes, body lengths, shapes, and fabrics. You should also consider the amount of warmth you need and if you want to add any accessories to match it. For example, if you want to buy a beanie hat or gloves to keep warm, you should look for a pair that matches your new jacket.

The jacket you choose should be able to resist cold weather elements like snow, wind and rain. Many of our insulated jackets feature water-resistant fabric, which helps you stay dry and comfortable even in harsh conditions. They also feature stretch, so you can move comfortably and have more mobility. This is especially important if you’re planning on wearing it under other layers in frigid temperatures or for high-performance activities like hiking or mountaineering.

Another factor you should consider when buying a jacket is its warmth-to-weight ratio. Puffer jackets are often very lightweight, although some can weigh a bit more than others depending on the type of insulation. You should also look for a jacket with a small and light stuff sack, which will make it easier to pack and carry.

Our jackets are filled with either responsibly sourced duck or goose down, or synthetic insulator such as PrimaLoft(r). Both provide similar warmth and have their own advantages, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


The best puffer jackets are designed to keep you warm without weighing you down. To choose the right one, consider your lifestyle and the type of protection you need. If you spend a lot of time outdoors in cold or wet conditions, then a long waterproof parka with heavy insulation and a large protective hood is probably the best choice. Alternatively, you could opt for a shorter puffer jacket made with natural fibers and lighter insulation.

Before you make a purchase, take your body measurements and consult a product sizing guide to determine what size will fit you. You should also re-take your body measurements every few months to account for changes in your physical structure. Once you have your measurements, you can easily find the perfect jacket online.

Versity jacket designer can be a little tricky to fit properly, as they are typically more voluminous than standard jacket. If you buy one that’s too big, it can look bulky and uncomfortable. To avoid this, make sure that the jacket fits you well in the chest and torso area.

To help you get the right fit, you can use a tape measure to figure out your body’s circumference. Then, measure your arms from the base of your thumb to your wrist. This measurement will help you decide what size sleeve you need.


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