Finding Affordable and Quality Student Accommodation in Orlando

Orlando is a city in the US state of Florida and is one of the most visited cities in the world prominently due to convention traffic, major events, and tourism. Apart from these aspects, it has gained popularity in higher education also in the past few years. There are several universities and colleges in Orlando, which offer quality education to international as well as domestic students.

Some major universities and colleges in Orlando are the University of Central Florida, Florida A&M University College of Law, Florida State University College of Medicine, Valencia College, Seminole State College of Florida, Belhaven University, Columbia College, Adventist University of Health Science, DeVry University, and more. Some of them have main campuses in Orlando whereas others have secondary campuses in this city.

When international students enroll in an educational institute in Orlando, he/she needs a place for his/her accommodation as a primary requirement. Here, you will read some tips for finding affordable and quality student accommodation Orlando.

Start Searching for Accommodation at Least Months 3 Before the Commencement of Your Journey to Orlando

searching student accommodation Orlando

According to the trend, the price of accommodation increases more and more as the time of the university session comes closer and closer. So, quite obviously, if you search for accommodation late, you find a residence at high rates. But, if you start early, you get a place for your stay at low rates. Therefore, it is highly advised to you to start searching for accommodation at least 3 months before the beginning of your journey to Orlando.

Besides, if you start your search late, you may find low-quality accommodation. To find high-quality accommodations, you need to start your search early. It is possible now to start searching for accommodation a few months before your journey due to the availability of online sources.

Check Amenities Available in the Student Housing Complex to Find Quality Accommodation

Availability of good amenities is a major parameter to finding quality accommodation. Student housing Orlando also comprises numerous amenities for international students. Here, you can find a swimming pool where you can swim, take a bath, play in the water, and sit on the deck. Besides, you can also find sports courts such as volleyball courts and basketball courts, which are good for your fun and fitness.

In addition, you can get an in-house fitness center with modern equipment where you make your workout routines. You may also find a yoga room, which you can use for performing yogic postures, meditation, and breathing exercises. You also find the study features like study desks and chairs. Most of the accommodations are equipped with Wi-Fi internet connections. You also find games rooms and cable connections for your fun and entertainment.

Some properties in Orlando also have BBQs. Clubhouses are also there for the socialization of students. The housing properties have parking spaces. Some of the properties are pet-friendly.

But, it is not necessary that you find all accommodations in every property. So, you need to check the amenities of the property before booking accommodation in Orlando. According to your preferences, you can check the amenities in student housing properties in Orlando to find quality accommodation.

Consider Private Apartments to Find Low-Cost Accommodation

Some private apartment accommodations in Orlando are cheaper than the accommodations in student housing complexes. So, you can consider private apartments to find low-cost accommodation.

Check Online Student Accommodation Service Platforms

There are some online student accommodation service platforms, which provide lists of student housing properties and private apartments in different cities in the world including Orlando. On these platforms, you can check the details of each property in a list. Besides, these platforms also offer a filter option to filter the properties according to prices, amenities, shared/private bathrooms, room types, and more.

Some websites also have a comparison feature through which you can compare different aspects such as prices, distances (from universities), amenities, and more of multiple properties in one city on a single webpage.

So, online student accommodation service platforms provide you an easy method to find affordable and quality accommodation. We can take “University Living” as a perfect example in this regard. This platform provides its service through its website as well as a mobile app.

Set a Budget

set a budget

This is one of the prominent things you need to do. By setting a budget, it will be clear in your mind how much you can spend, which will further help you in finding affordable accommodation according to your preferences. You can set a budget either after exploring some accommodation properties on online platforms or in the very beginning.


Planning early for accommodation, checking amenities, considering private apartments, and utilizing online platforms like University Living can help you secure affordable and quality housing. Setting a budget is crucial for a seamless accommodation search.