What are trending features driving the future of Real Estate Apps in 2024? 

Real estate business is booming at a rapid rate and to engage modern buyers, mobile apps are becoming an important strategy. Business enterprises that are engaged in this field and looking to reach prospects with their services must invest in real estate apps. However building an app is not a challenge as several real estate app development company are available to meet your business needs. The real challenge is to integrate best, unique and trending features that entice target audience. The real estate industry is changing at a rapid pace and to stay competitive latest features need to be incorporated. In this blog, we have discussed some of the important features for a real estate app. 

Features of a Real Estate Mobile App 

Virtual Property Tour 

Customers prefer using apps that offer some unique features for engagement. Adding 3D virtual tour of the property will surely engage them to use your app. Customers likely to book a place when they actually visit the place which can be done using AR/VR technology. This will help  your business to improve the chances of conversion and offer personalized experience. Customers view the preferred properties round-the-clock straight from their location. 

Push Notifications 

Push notifications is an important marketing strategy to engage new and retain existing customers. With this feature you can share latest updates on bape hoodie new property available, discount offers, price changes, industry news and more. You can even promote your services and stay connected with the prospects. Make sure to send notifications at relevant time with correct information.  

Property Profiles 

Adding a feature for customers to check detailed information about the property is a real advantage. Providing descriptions, photos, videos, location details, landmark, price details, owner details, and more is really helpful. As per a survey, over 70% of    gallery dept the users plan to buy or rent a place after exploring photos and videos of the property. Moreover, you can add the contact details of the property owner or the agent within the property details.  

In-App Map  

Providing in-built map is a real advantage for consumers to explore the property without missing the route. They can even access the nearby locations to check if the property is situated within their requirements or not. The map feature also assist agents to reach particular locations and identify the best route. Admin can even perform customization of the area visuals to guide customers to reach the property location. You can even include functionalities like voice-operated navigation, marking frequently visited locations, and saving routes for later.   

Document Management 

Real estate documents are highly sensitive and its security is utmost. There are numerous documents like rent agreement, NDA, property evaluation and other sensitive data. Manually maintaining of records is resource and time-intensive job. Automation of the documents like upload, customization and verification will reduce manual efforts and improve engagement rate. This is the weeknd merch an added feature which you can integrate once you hire mobile app developers from a recognized development agency. Add file conversion feature like PDF to word and vice versa to avoid any discrepancy.  eSignature options can also be integrated to keep a streamline signing formal agreements.  

Customer Chatbot Service 

When we are discussing the must-have features recommended by real estate app development company, chatbot can’t be missed out. Bot helps with systematic customer service during queries and concerns. It can easily manage multiple customers simultaneously without taking a break. This improves brand value, trust and encourage your customers to engage more. You can use resources in other productive work like decision making and value addition.  

Property Listings and Filter 

Multiple properties are listed in your real estate app from different owners. You need to provide a proper filter for customers to identify the property as vlone per their requirements. Add necessary details in the listings like search bar, filter on the basis of location, price, size and more. You will need a proper database in the backend since the property listing will continue to grow. There are multiple users, so make sure that the database is scalable to meet business operations. A scalable database is highly important for smooth running of a real estate app. 

Wrapping Up 

In the end, we can derive that building a quality and unique real estate app needs advanced features. You can hire mobile app developer to build an app meeting your vision. They will guide you to build best solutions with latest trends to engage prospects. Hope this post has served your needs and cleared all doubts. Happy reading.