Factors Affecting Hot Tub Cover Longevity

In the diverse climate of Canada, hot tubs provide a comforting escape from chilly or freezing temperatures. However, they require a quality cover to remain functional for years and ensure a warm and relaxing ambiance for spa enthusiasts to enjoy outdoor leisure even in the coldest months. 

Finding quality hot tub covers in Canada is not a big task but maintaining their functionality and aesthetics is quite challenging because various factors can impact their longevity. However, understanding and eliminating these factors can help you protect your hot tub covers from early wear or tear and complete damage.  

You can explore the major factors affecting the hot tub cover longevity here;

Exposure to UV Rays 

Sun is the biggest and natural source of heat and warmth during chilling weather in Canada but the direct exposure of your hot tub cover to the Sun or UV rays can badly impact its longevity and functionality.  It can damage its outer surface, and paint color and also reduce energy efficiency.

The selection of quality hot tubs with UV-protection features or applying an additional protective coating can eliminate this risk. 

Harsh Climate 

We all know that Canada is a land of harsh climate. From freezing winter to heavy snowfall, excessive rain, and hot summer, extreme weather conditions can take a toll on your hot tub cover integrity. It can cause its outer surface and also damage its insulation abilities. 

However, choosing high-quality material hot tub covers that can withstand harsh environmental factors can enhance the durability of your hot tub cover.

Improper Cleaning and Maintenance 

One of the most common and fatal reasons behind early wear or tear of a hot tub is improper cleaning.  Skipping cleaning or overlooking regular inspection and maintenance can lead to various troubles such as debris or dust accumulation, staining, and the production of harmful bacteria and viruses. 

The use of harsh chemicals and improper cleaning tools can also damage your hot tub covers. 

Poor Handling

Poor handling is also a major factor that can impact your hot tub cover’s durability. Leaving it on the ground or leaning against a wall can pose potential damages including direct sun exposure or UV rays, accidental falling, and staining or cracks. 

Investing in a hot tub cover storage bag or a designated storage area and keeping it in a dry and cool place can greatly enhance its durability. 

Use of Incompatible Chemicals  

The use of various chemicals to maintain water chemistry is a norm but choosing poor-quality chemicals and unawareness of the right method of using these chemicals can also impact your hot tub cover’s durability. These chemicals can damage its surface, cause stains, and reduce its overall functionality.

Key Takeaway 

A durable hot tub cover that can perfectly align with the unique needs of your hot tub is crucial for a trouble-free and enjoyable soaking experience.  Protecting it from harsh weather and other destructive factors impact is a daunting task but understanding and addressing these issues can help you significantly enhance your hot tub cover longevity.