Exploring the Survival Thrills of Undawn

Embark on the all-new post-apocalyptic world of “Undawn” where survival depends on the unique abilities of Raven Squad. Discover their various skills, potent weaponry, and the strategic mastery required to navigate a world infested with zombies. For a seamless experience, make sure to top up Undawn with essential resources.

Undawn Characters – Raven Squad

The characters in “Undawn” survival game comes from Raven Squad. Each one has a different background and abilities that are necessary to survive in the game’s post-apocalyptic setting:

  • Tang is a survival expert, and he knows how to scavenge and use a crossbow, making him essential for gathering supplies.
  • Sherry, a nurse, moved from being a singer to a medical professional due to the world’s dire situation and became essential for the shelter’s healthcare.
  • Catherine, a former top Marine sniper, now serves as a combat instructor and uses her vast firearm knowledge to protect the survivors.
  • Yegeny, a former member of an elite assassin group, now works on the Ravens’ rescue missions, although he remains haunted by his past.
  • Cane heads the Raven’s Shelter as the former county sheriff and focuses on survivor rescue and shelter development.
  • Roman is a vehicle repair expert and pilot and ensures that the squad will be mobile; he learned his trade after a dramatic shift from professional racing due to a betrayal.

Undawn’s Arsenal: Equip for Survival

Choices of weapons are the crucial element in the cruel open world of undawn. Here’s a full list of weapons to help you fight against the unforgiving hordes. To enhance your undawn gameplay, don’t forget to top up online with the necessary resources.


  • Machete: It’s one of the weapons given at the beginning of the tutorial stage.
  • Elemental Weapons: Can be crafted later on, these give weapon damage and character ratings, coupled with elemental powers.


  • Assault Rifles: Both assault weapons and sub-machine guns have large magazines and high fire rates – this would be an appropriate gun for almost any combat.
  • Sniper Rifles: It might not have too much burst of damage but its accuracy and range make it a second choice.

Heavy Weapons

  • Can be unlocked at Level 30: This gun includes the M134 Heavy Machine Gun and M32 Grenade Launcher. Perfect for dealing with large groups of zombies.

Mastering Combat: Understanding Undawn’s Skill System

That range of skills in Undawn will require you to choose your skills wisely, that is, to boost your combat prowess and learn new skills for adaptation to even more challenges. Here’s how to maximize your character through the innovative skill system of the undawn game:

  • Passive skills: Passive skills involve Throwing, Device, and Passive skills, all of which bestow special combat bonuses, and each can be only one in use at a time.
  • Specialization: Specialization at Level 30 opens up Expertise Skills in fields like Explosives, Assault, and Support, attached to specific heavy weapons.
  • Training in Camp: Passive Skills for general stat increases on characters are obtained only through participation in Camp events.

These are the combat skills that will make you unique and each one of them is very important for surviving in the harsh world of Undawn.


The survival game of Raven Squad rests entirely on the diversity of its members, including expert marksmen and medical professionals, including a rich arsenal and an elaborate skill system, all of which contribute to a good preparation for a harsh, zombie-infested world. Mastery of these elements is of key importance for survival within Undawn’s relentless environment: every choice in weaponry and skills is very important.