Desert Safari Classic Trip to Explore in Dubai

We had a checklist for our Dubai itinerary when we made the decision to start our world tour there. In addition to the must-see sights, such as the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Palm Jumeirah, and the Burj al Arab, I was especially excited to go on a desert safari because I had never been in one.

Beyond exploring the glitz and glamour of Dubai, I was excited to get out of town and explore the desert because I love wide, empty spaces. And we really did just that!

Dune bashing was our first desert safari experience, and it was surprisingly enjoyable. I fell in love with the thrilling sensation of driving across a desert, cruising over massive sand dunes. It experiences a stomach-flop after a precipitous descent from a dune.

The ride was enjoyable thanks to our professional driver, who made it obvious that you shouldn’t try this without the necessary training. Even though learning about it would be fascinating, having a knowledgeable guide increased the experience’s excitement.

Desert Safari Dubai – An Impeccable Adventure to Unleash

We went to the bedouin camp at the desert safari Dubai for the next adventure, quad riding, after the thrilling rush of dune bashing!

I may come across as innocent and sweet, but when it comes to racing games, I can be pretty competitive. I almost ran my sister off the track during a go-karting trip I took my family on in an attempt to win first place. 

But I chose to control my racing alter ego and ride more cautiously on my first experience quad riding in the desert. It was clear why Dubai residents adore quad riding as a past time!

An Eye-Grabbing Experience for All:

Our trip didn’t end with the quad ride. When we got off the mechanized race monster and got on a camel, we could feel the rhythm of the desert.

My henna design is so beautiful, and even though I’m not interested in getting a permanent tattoo, I really enjoyed having it! The tattoo starts out orange and gradually changes to a deep, dark brown color. The henna offers a transient yet exquisite artistic expression, lasting roughly two weeks.

Bedouin Camp Allure: 

We discovered a few high dune fields beyond the camp and sat on one to watch the sun set over the open desert.

Sitting next to my husband on the dune, I couldn’t help but feel again how lucky I am to travel the world with him. It is a true honor.After sunset, night fell quickly and the temperature dropped noticeably. I was happy I had brought a sweater—along with my go-to scarf, which is essential for any trip—even though it wasn’t particularly cold.

We made our way back to the camp and took a seat on a raised platform that had a table. Besides, it is an adorable tablecloths hanging over the benches. We had an excellent view of the stage from where we were standing.

This proved advantageous as there were a number of cultural performances to take in, including a stunning fire show, traditional Tanura dance, and belly dancing!

Fascinating Buffet Dinner:

A delicious feast was served as we took in the cultural performances. Samosas, BBQ chicken, salad, hummus, fresh fruit, and a variety of other delectable treats were served at the dinner spread.

It was time to head out after the shows ended and our bellies were full. Still, not before taking in the stars as I looked up at the sky.

A little further into the desert, where everything is dark save for the glimmering stars, I can only imagine how magnificent the sky must be.

Ultimately, it was an amazing day that included my first time riding a camel, my first time driving a quad, and my first time being in the desert. Our world tour has commenced with great excitement!