Cystoscopy in Kolkata Useful Diagnostic Tool for Urological Issues

Cystoscopy Cost in Kolkata

Cystoscopy is an important diagnostic procedure used to examine the bladder and urethra in detail. It is performed by urologists to evaluate symptoms like frequent urination, pain, bleeding or identify any abnormalities of the bladder and lower urinary tract. Kolkata has quality best urologist in Kolkata who perform cystoscopy at both government and private hospitals.

During cystoscopy, a thin tube with a camera called cystoscope is inserted into the urethra to visualize the bladder interior and urethral passage. It is a minimally invasive procedure done under local anesthesia. Here is an overview of cystoscopy costs in Kolkata:

Cost of Cystoscopy at Government Hospitals:

  • At government hospitals like IPGMER SSKM, Calcutta Medical College, costs range from Rs. 1000-2000.
  • This includes specialist charges, procedure charges, anesthesia fees and hospital charges.
  • Medications and admission charges if needed are extra.
  • Costs subsidized for below poverty line patients.

Cost of Cystoscopy at Private Hospitals/Nursing Homes:

  • Ranges between Rs. 4000-8000 at most private hospitals.
  • Specialist fees, procedure costs, anesthesia and hospital charges included.
  • Medicines, imaging and admission extra if required.
  • Costs can go up to Rs. 12,000-15,000 at super-specialty hospitals.

Factors Affecting Cystoscopy Costs:

  • Type of hospital/facility – costs lowest at government hospitals.
  • Qualification and experience of urologist – senior doctors may charge more.
  • Type of cystoscope used – rigid, flexible or video. Video cystoscopes most expensive.
  • Whether biopsy or any intervention done along with cystoscopy.
  • Admission and medication charges if needed.
  • Whether anesthesia administered by urologist or separate anesthetist.
  • Distribution of specialist fees, room rents etc.
  • Location of hospital within city – impacts overhead costs.

Cost Saving Tips:

  • Have the procedure done at a government hospital to save costs.
  • Avoid additional procedures like biopsy at first cystoscopy sitting.
  • See if you can do with local anesthesia instead of full anesthesia.
  • Compare prices across hospitals before deciding. Look for packages.
  • Ask if you can pay just specialist fees as outpatient without admission.
  • Have an insurance cover – cashless facility available at many hospitals.


In summary, cystoscopy cost in Kolkata varies from Rs. 1000 at government hospitals to Rs. 15,000 at high-end facilities. By choosing the right hospital, understanding the cost splits and avoiding unnecessary interventions, patients can save on this useful investigative procedure.