Choosing the Best Day to Moving House in London

Whether you are looking to hire movers, pack and clean the old space, rent a truck, it might be easy to forget the most important decision of selecting the ideal day for home shift. This one choice might leave a huge impact on your moving schedule, particularly as it might affect ease of relocation as well as your estimated budget. If you enquire from people who have already moved houses several times, then they will tell how to arrange everything properly to make the entire process stress free. Go through this blog post to know the best day to move with certain factors when planning your next home shift.

Shifting to a new house on Friday

Friday is believed to be a popular day of the week for moving house in the UK. You get the entire week to plan for your moving process, engage with a reputed moving company and perform all necessary things before shifting your belongings. Another reason why people prefer Fridays is due to their work commitments. If you remain engaged with your work during the week, then you will only have to take a day off for shifting. This means there will be minimum downtime that won’t affect your overall productivity. Also, you have the entire weekend to unpack your expensive belongings and settle into the new house.

Though Friday is a good day to move yet, it has some drawbacks. According to a man and van company in London, Friday is generally the busiest day of the week for moving companies as everyone wants to move on this particular day. So, if you too like the idea of shifting on a Friday, then you need to book an appointment with the moving company in advance and make your shifting process a memorable one.

Important factors to consider when shifting on Friday

  • Schedule an appointment with the moving company in advance as Friday is a high demand day for movers.
  • You should complete all necessary financial transactions in the morning, as anything done after 3pm will go into the new week (Monday).
  • You need to have a solicitor who will complete all legal works before Friday, including signing of deeds, transfer of ownership and much more. This will speed up your move on a Friday.
  • If anything is wrong with the legal financial part of your deal, then you will possibly have to wait till Monday.
  • Collecting the keys might take much longer for Fridays as are higher chances of delay in estate agents.
  • If you deal with a chain, then it is just impossible to control the move date. In this case, you should go with the flow.

When Friday move is not a possible option

Friday is considered to be the traditionally accepted day for moving house. In case you cannot get a Friday moving appointment within your specified time or you have not been able to finish the financial details of your new home, then think of considering a midweek move.

When you decide to shift during the weekday, which is Tuesday to Thursday, it might be a good idea on your part. Alternatively, you can save on moving costs as you can some discount due to less demand. In fact, Tuesday is usually the cheapest day to move house in the UK.

On the other hand, if you need to move on a Thursday, then you get the benefit of an extra day off work which might come in handy in case you have lots of belongings.

Generally, you would like to choose in the middle of the week when you aim to avoid Friday rush and want assurance that if anything goes wrong, then it can be solved quickly before the end of the week.

You have the suitable option to move on a Saturday when you cannot afford to take time off work. Make sure you consider completing all necessary financial and legal processes during the week for a seamless Saturday move.

The less popular day to move is Sunday as almost all the businesses are closed till you decide to hire a truck and do the entire moving by yourself.

Factors to consider when selecting your ideal moving day

  • Work – If you are engaged with a busy organization, then you might not be allowed time off in the midweek or on a Friday. In this situation, weekend move is considered to be your best bet.
  • Weather – You should keep a keen eye on the weatherman at the time of planning your home shift. It is advised not to move when the weather is bad as heavy lifting, bad roads and unusual conditions will make your shift a nightmare.
  • Family concerns – You need to consider your spouse’s schedule at the time of planning a move. If you are having children, then summer move seems to be a great option, particularly when you decide to move out of the city and avoid wrecking their school year.

Though many people believe that Friday is the best day for your house move, you will ultimately need to depend on your circumstances. Thus, whatever day of the week you want to relocate, make sure you choose movers to hire a moving van in London so that you can enjoy a seamless and hassle-free shift into your new home.