Can I include my grandchildren in my Dominica Citizenship by Investment application?

Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program is one of the most well-established and respected economic citizenship initiatives worldwide. Launched in 1993, it offers individuals and their families the opportunity to obtain Dominican citizenship through significant investment in the nation’s economy. The program is designed to attract foreign direct investment to aid in funding national development projects while offering investors and their families the benefits of citizenship, including visa-free travel to numerous countries, tax advantages, and a secure and politically stable environment.

When considering the inclusion of family members in the CBI application, it’s crucial to understand the program’s specific provisions regarding dependents. The Dominica CBI program is recognized for its inclusivity, allowing main applicants to include their spouse, children, and in certain cases, other family members, under a single application. However, the inclusion of grandchildren under the main application necessitates a thorough understanding of the program’s current regulations and requirements.

Definition of Dependents

As per the most recent guidelines, the Dominica CBI program defines dependents to include the main applicant’s spouse, children (both biological and legally adopted), parents, grandparents, and siblings under certain conditions. The program is designed to accommodate the broader family unit, ensuring that the benefits of citizenship can extend to close relatives, thereby providing a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking security and global mobility for their extended families.

Including Grandchildren in the Application

The inclusion of grandchildren in the CBI application is subject to the program’s specific definitions and requirements for dependents. These criteria can include age limits, financial dependency, and marital status, among others. Generally, children, including grandchildren, must be either under a certain age or full-time students and financially dependent on the main applicant to qualify as dependents.

  1. Age Limit: Typically, children and grandchildren up to a certain age (e.g., 18 years) who are not married and are fully supported by the main applicant can be included.
  2. Educational Status: In some cases, if the grandchildren are older than the specified age limit but are enrolled in full-time education and still financially dependent on the main applicant, they may also qualify. This provision usually covers students up to a certain age (e.g., 25 years), reflecting the program’s flexibility in accommodating the educational pursuits of younger family members.
  3. Financial Dependency: The criteria for inclusion often require proof of financial dependency on the main applicant. This can include evidence of the main applicant’s support for the grandchildren’s living expenses, education costs, and general well-being.

Application Process and Documentation

Including grandchildren in the Dominica CBI application involves a comprehensive process where detailed documentation must be provided to prove the relationship and dependency status. This typically includes birth certificates, proof of enrollment in educational institutions (for students), and financial documents showing the main applicant’s support. The meticulous preparation of these documents is crucial to demonstrate the eligibility of grandchildren as dependents clearly.

Legal Considerations and Advice

Given the complexities involved in including grandchildren or other extended family members in a CBI application, it is highly advisable to seek expert legal counsel specializing in citizenship by investment programs. Professional advisors can offer the latest information on program regulations, assist with the preparation and submission of the application, and provide guidance on the best strategies to ensure a successful application, including the inclusion of all eligible dependents.


The Dominica Citizenship by Investment program offers a valuable opportunity for individuals seeking to secure a second citizenship for themselves and their family members. While the program’s regulations provide for the inclusion of immediate family members and certain extended family members, the specific eligibility of grandchildren requires careful consideration of the program’s current criteria regarding age, education, and financial dependency.

Prospective applicants wishing to include their grandchildren should carefully review the latest program guidelines and consider enlisting the services of experienced legal professionals specializing in CBI programs. This approach ensures that the application process is navigated effectively, maximizing the chances of a successful outcome and securing the benefits of Dominican citizenship for the entire family, including the youngest members.