Best Neighbourhoods in Melbourne for Students

Melbourne is a dynamic city with a lot of facets. This city boasts a wide range of attractions, activities like sports and other recreational events, and much more, which attract a large number of people from throughout the world. This Australian city has also attracted several international students and has numerous universities and colleges.

After enrolling in a university in Melbourne, students search for a place to live. There is no shortage of accommodations for international students in Melbourne. Student accommodations in this city boast a wide range of arrangements for students from studies to leisure. Special study rooms, gyms, swimming pools, cinemas, games rooms, internet, and several other amenities can be found in the housing properties designed for students in Melbourne.

But, apart from student accommodation in Melbourne, a major concern of many students is the place where their accommodation is located. There are different neighborhoods in Melbourne, where students can find a place to stay. Here, you will learn about some of the best neighborhoods in Melbourne for students.


Fitzroy is situated just northeast of the city and is an inner-city neighborhood. It has been a popular choice for students due to the availability of trendy cafes, street-art-covered lanes, and lively music scenes. It is in close proximity to some institutions such as the Australian Catholic University. So, you can find good arrangements for student housing in Melbourne in this place. There are different accommodation options available here for international students.

Brunswick Street is a major place to live for students here on which you can find vintage stores, amazing bars, quirky boutiques, and more. So, it is a hub for students who are seeking a vibrant social scene.


Carlton is located just north of the city center in Melbourne and is considered an ideal neighborhood for students since it is located in close proximity to prestigious universities such as the University of Melbourne and RMIT University. A large student population can be found here, due to which you can find a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere in this neighborhood.

One of the major areas that can be explored here is Lygon Street, which is often dubbed Melbourne’s “Little Italy”. Here, students can find a wide range of affordable cafes and eateries. Moreover, you can enjoy exploring the astonishing Carlton Gardens and the iconic Melbourne Museum in the nearby location, which offers a perfect blend of relaxation as well as cultural experiences.

In addition, there are several excellent housing options available in this area. This is a perfect neighborhood with purpose-built private student accommodation in Melbourne. Besides, private apartments with sharing options can also be found here. Accommodations are available here in different price ranges so students with every budget can afford them.


Parkville can be found just north of the city center and is popular as the educational hub of Melbourne. This place is also home to the University of Melbourne, where a large number of domestic and international students get higher education. In this neighborhood, you find stunning parks such as Royal Park and Princes Park. These are the ideal places for students where they find green spaces for their recreation and relaxation.

More recreational opportunities can be found in this neighborhood, and the nearby places for this purpose are Melbourne Zoo and the State Netball and Hockey Center. In Parkville, you find convenient access to the city center through public transport.

South Yarra

For students, who are seeking a combination of convenience, entertainment, and elegance, South Yarra is one of the sought-after neighborhoods. You can find easy access to universities like Swinburne University of Technology and the University of Melbourne. It is situated in the south of the city center. Chapel Street is a popular shopping precinct here, which is known for its trendy bars, designer boutiques, and bustling nightlife. Students can enjoy a vibrant social scene here.

Some beautiful parks can also be found in this area such as Fawkner Park and Royal Botanic Gardens where students can get a soothing experience with serene green spaces and outdoors.


Brunswick is one of the best neighborhoods in Melbourne and is located just north of the city. It is a vibrant as well as multicultural neighborhood where students seeking a diverse and inclusive community are attracted. Here, you can find RMIT University’s Brunswick campus and many other educational institutions.

Sydney Road is a major strip where you can find a range of restaurants, shops, and cafes in accordance with the needs of people with several cultural backgrounds. Students get a unique culinary experience here. Moreover, one can find plenty of galleries, music venues, and community spaces here.

Final Thought

Melbourne’s neighborhoods offer vibrant scenes and convenient access to universities for international students and you can find diverse amenities, cultural experiences, and affordable housing options in this city.