Amazon Branded and Non-Amazon Branded Credit Cards

Online shopping and credit cards go hand in hand. And as credit cards play a pivotal role, Amazon offers co-branded credit cards to users. Well, this doesn’t mean that Amazon has started issuing credit cards. The e-commerce site has partnered with major banks in India to make customized benefits for your online shopping.  Here in this article below, we have discussed the spectrum of both branded and non-branded credit cards. Explore the diverse benefits and features that these Best Co-branded Credit Cards in India have in store for you.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the specific advantages offered by both branded and non-branded credit cards, helping you navigate the maze of plastic with greater clarity.

Amazon-Branded Credit Cards: Tailor-Made for Shopaholics

If you’re an Amazon devotee whose fingers instinctively twitch towards that “Buy Now” button, an Amazon-branded credit card might be your shopping soulmate. Here’s why:

  • Boosted Rewards: Earn generous cashback or reward points on every Amazon purchase, often exceeding rates offered by regular cards. Imagine, every Prime Day haul contributes to a mountain of rewards!
  • Exclusive Discounts and Offers: Unlock a treasure trove of special deals and discounts, ranging from early access to sales to birthday treats. Your loyalty gets pampered with these cards. So, whenever you have a decision to make between an Amazon branded credit card and the other cards, do check your spending habits. 
  • Prime Membership Perks: Enjoy seamless integration with your Prime membership, potentially offering extended Prime trial periods or annual fee waivers. It’s like double the joy!
  • Flexible Payment Options: Convert larger purchases into convenient EMIs, spreading the financial burden without sacrificing your shopping spree. This way you have less worries about having a sufficient fund in your savings account.

Non-Amazon Branded Credit Cards: Versatility Beyond the Marketplace

While non-Amazon branded cards might not offer the same hyper-focused Amazon benefits, they shine in terms of broader applicability and additional perks:

  • Wider Merchant Network: These cards open doors to a vast universe of retailers and service providers, not just the confines of Amazon. Your purchasing power expands beyond the virtual aisles.
  • Travel and Lifestyle Benefits: Many non-branded cards come loaded with airport lounge access, travel insurance, dining discounts, and other lifestyle privileges. Fuel your wanderlust and indulge in everyday luxuries.
  • Category-Specific Rewards: Earn bonus rewards on specific categories like dining, fuel, or groceries, tailoring your card to your spending habits. Maximize your return on every swipe!
  • Cash Back or Travel Points: Choose your currency! Some cards offer straight cashback, while others let you accumulate points redeemable for flights, hotels, or merchandise. So, once you are eligible for the cashback, redeem your benefits. This is as easy as logging into your net banking account. 


Ultimately, the “best” credit card depends on your unique spending habits and priorities. If Amazon reigns supreme in your shopping domain, a branded card grants you VIP access and rewards galore. But if you crave versatility and broader benefits, a non-branded card might be your ideal shopping companion.

Remember, the key lies in understanding your needs and aligning them with the card’s offerings. So, explore the options, compare features, and choose the plastic partner that complements your shopping persona. Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card is an example of one such co-branded card by Amazon.