10 Advice for Parents to Help Kids with Primary Homework

Parental support plays a vital role in a child’s development, whether it’s their education, cognitive development, or psychological growth. Especially in the primary stage, children are completely dependent on their parents for everything. So, the parent’s responsibility is to take this challenge with maturity. Kids perform well when they are trained by their parents smartly. 

There could be any reason, as some parents think they don’t get enough time to pay attention to their child while some think they cannot handle it easily. Therefore, they seek primary homework help to solve this problem of completing homework on time. Nowadays, one of the most challenging tasks for parents is making children complete their homework. Although everybody tries their best to help their children, some parents face difficulties. So, this article is for them

Benefits of Parents Engagement In Kids’ Homework

Parental engagement in homework can be very beneficial for a child and parents, such as.

● A child feels more comfortable with parents for any kind of help. Thus, they learn to ask for help without hesitation.

● It helps parents to create a Great bond with their child.

● The child assumes that their parents are experts, so it also generates a sense of respect in them towards their parents.

● During the homework sessions, parents can observe their child’s skills, interests, flaws, and talents. 

● Parents can teach them the value of time. 

● Parents can also learn new techniques and methods of current education systems. 

10 Advice for Parents to Help With Primary Homework

Every parent has a different strategy and style of helping their child. So here are a few pieces of advice that can be helpful for your journey.

Understand the Task

Primary kids might not understand the homework and their tasks clearly. It’s up to you to understand the tasks and tell them. Moreover, you can also stay in touch with teachers or the faculty for updates. Do ask them about your child’s performance as well. 

Make a Plan

Planning is very important for your child’s homework. Set a planner and timetable for their routine. Ensure they get proper sleep, food, fun, study, etc. on time. Then, set a fixed time for homework so your child becomes habitual in sitting for homework without any trouble. 

Value of Time

It depends on parents to make their child understand the value of time. Teach them punctuality. Although it’s not an overnight lesson, you must be patient and consistent. Set a well-planned homework timetable and ensure they sit at the same time regularly for it. They should also know the importance of time that you are giving them. Initially, they might be struggling, but they will learn it soon.

Happy Environment 

A happy environment helps to increase productivity. Whether it’s kids’ homework or anything else, set a happy and positive place for them to enjoy the homework sessions. You can keep their favourite things around them. The place should have enough light and air. 

Have Fun During Homework

Don’t make the homework sessions boring by forcing them to do it. Play with them and make homework interesting by adding some fun elements. Use arts and crafts, flashcards, rhymes, songs, dancing, DIY, etc. to increase creativity. It will also help you learn new things.

Set an Example

Kids don’t learn by words; they learn by actions. So, set an example for them by your actions. Show them the value of punctuality, education, hard work, and discipline with your example. They observe everything and follow what they see. Make them understand that parents are their best guidance, so they should trust and obey you. 

Let Them Try

Some parents only want to get rid of homework, so they finish it anyway by over-helping their children. This is not good. It will make them dependent on you, and eventually, they will lose confidence. Hence, let them try their tasks on their own. Guide them as much as needed. 

Observe, Teach, and Help

Observe your child by every action of theirs. Understand their likes and dislikes. Observe their field of interest. It will help you to guide them in the right way. Because now you know where your child needs more encouragement and help. 

Stay Away from Distractions 

Kids don’t need any reason; they can get distracted even by walls and fans. Jokes apart, but it’s true. You have to make sure they stay focused. Don’t let anything disturb them. Keep gadgets away from them while they do homework. You should also do the same and handle it with maturity.

Praise and Reward

Mistakes are part of life. It’s common for kids to make mistakes often. Don’t get too strict about this. It can harm their performance. Therefore, appreciate their efforts through your

gestures. You can praise them with good words and rewards to increase their confidence.

Stay Updated 

Stay updated with the everyday tasks and activities in school. Keep in touch with faculty and teachers to get your child’s report. Because it will help you work on them the right way. Participate in activities where you are invited and attend meetings you are supposed to attend. 

These methods can only work when you stay mindful and patient with your child. Don’t overreact to their mistakes, and never take them for granted. Practice these tips regularly to help your child with primary homework. If you need guidance and expert help, you can also search for online assignment help.


Parents have a very crucial role in their kids’ education. Especially in their primary phase, they learn by observing things around them. Homework is an integral part of kids’ education and is becoming challenging daily. Hence, they need their parents’ help. Well, it depends on the parents how smartly they get involved in this. These tips can guide you in helping your primary kids with homework, or you can get primary homework help online for quick access.

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