Top 5 Advantages of Living and Studying in Boston

Boston, the capital of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the USA, is a historic city known for its rich cultural heritage, prestigious universities, and vibrant sports culture. It was founded in the year 1630 on the Shawmut Peninsula by Puritan settlers. Boston was home to several events during the American Revolution that proved to be central to the revolution and subsequent Revolutionary War.

Today, many people from around the world visit Boston for a variety of reasons. Several tourists can be seen every year plus there are the permanent immigrants here who are doing jobs here. Furthermore, plenty of international students are also here to acquire higher education. As a matter of fact, many international students visit this city every year for graduation, post-graduation, and other studies.

There are numerous colleges and universities in and around Boston. Boston University, Northeastern University, Suffolk University, and Simmons University are the best universities in Boston. Besides, you can find some of the world-renowned universities in the surrounding areas also such as Harvard University (Cambridge), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (Cambridge), Tufts University (Medford), etc. Emerson College is one of the best colleges located in Boston. Boston College in Newton near Boston is also a favorite college for many students to study.

There are several advantages of living and studying in Boston, and you will read the top 5 of them below.

Superb Academic Environment

A wide range of universities and colleges are in Boston and its nearby cities. So, students studying in Boston and some other cities live in Boston. So, you can find an excellent academic environment here. Boston is home to one of the top 100 universities in the world, and the world’s number one university is located near it. In fact, two of the top 5 universities in the world are located near Boston, and you can find students from these universities also in this city, which enriches the academic environment of this city.

Boston University is one of the top 100 universities in Boston, which has been ranked #93 by QS World University Rankings 2024. According to QS, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge is the number 1 university in the world, which is located near Boston. Harvard University in Cambridge is also located near Boston, which is the number 4 university in the world as per QS. Other universities and colleges in and near Boston are also providing fantastic education to students.

In the student housing complexes in Boston also, you find a wonderful academic atmosphere with students from various universities and colleges in and near Boston including the students from the top universities.

Opportunity to Live in a City of Art and Culture

Boston is a city of art and culture, so if you live here, you get an opportunity to live in a city of art and culture. In Boston, you find a vibrant and diverse art and culture scene. There are numerous museums, galleries, theaters, and historical landmarks in this city. The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum; the Institute of Contemporary Art; and many other places related to art and culture can be explored in Boston.

A variety of cultural events are organized in this city such as performances at the Boston Symphony Orchestra, shows at the Boston Opera House, and exhibitions at the Museum of Science. Historical sites like the Freedom Trail and the Paul Revere House provide insight into the rich cultural heritage of Boston.

When you live in Boston as a student for multiple years, you find a dynamic and enriching experience related to art and culture.

Excellent Places to Stay

In Boston, international students find some excellent places for their stay. In student accommodation complexes in Boston, there are arrangements for studies, workouts, and many other aspects of students’ lives. You can find study desks and chairs in many housing properties designed for students. Besides, you can also find gyms in some of them where you can visit for your regular workouts. Wi-Fi internet connections are also offered to students to accomplish their studies and other online tasks.

Some wonderful private rental apartments and homestays are also available for overseas students in Boston.

Good for Career

You can find numerous firms in Boston such as Converse, Bain Capital, Boston Scientific, Converse, Fidelity Investment, and State Street. Plenty of industries are flourishing in this city, which results in the growth of many firms. This is why it is a brilliant place for students to start their careers. In Boston, you can get opportunities to connect for work experience and networking.

City with Beautiful Beaches and Recreational Activities

In Boston, students find beautiful beaches and a lot of activities like hiking and biking, which make it a desirable city for them.