8 Best Cooperative Survival Games

Survival games today have a lot of cooperative gaming, which lets players build, fight, and travel with their friends.

Survival games have become very popular in the past ten years. Many games have been made in the style of Minecraft, which made many players love building bases, making things, and fighting monsters that come out at night. The number of people playing survival games has only grown since that first change. Many of the newer games focus on different parts of what makes survival games great.

A big change is that people are still trying to make places that are so engaging that more than one person can play in them at the same time. Together with other people, making camps and fighting enemies has been a big part of video games for a long time. But being able to play with friends and be good at it has made survival games so popular in recent years.


minecraft steve art

The first survival game that really got people interested in video games, Minecraft, is set in a world made of blocks with no story other than what the player makes up. This has made a lot of people want to make their own worlds, whether they’re on Bedrock, in Java realms, or on bigger online sites. These worlds are full of amazing builds and interesting characters.

Over time, Minecraft has become one of the most popular games for friends to play together because it’s so easy to download and play. Each person can play Minecraft in their own way, and friends can get together to play together without any boundaries. It gives you a great feeling of total freedom. The only thing that limits the world and the projects that could be done is one’s own ideas. It is still a great example of how the survival genre has changed over time.

The Forest

The Forest (1)

The Forest has gone from being a great single-player survival game to a series of new survival ideas thanks to a sequel that is currently in early access. Players take control of a man who is trying to save his son from a cannibalistic group on an island that seems to be empty at first. The game starts with a plane crash on the island. Aside from the weird story, players have to stay alive on the island while they look for hints and tools. This means they have to build a base, find clean water, and hunt for food.

There are a lot of great survival games out there, but The Forest is one of the best because it also has survival horror features. Anytime monsters like cannibals or even flying ones show up, players have to choose whether to fight or run away as they try to beat the fast, big, and even flying bad guys that live on the island.When a group of friends get together to play The Forest, they can share the fear and build bigger homes together, making the game the most full and fun it can be.

Don’t Starve Together

don't starve together vs don't starve

Don’t Starve was already one of the best survival games when it came out. It put players in a simple world where they had to not only stay alive but also keep their sanity. Don’t Starve Together, on the other hand, made people want to do that with their friends. This created a simple independent game where players had a lot of fun switching between parts.

Along with other players, they can enter a dark and dangerous world and fight monsters while collecting items and keeping everyone’s sane level high.The survival coop game Don’t Starve Together was one of the first ones, and it has many of the most important parts of a great survival coop game.


Player rides a snowmobile to hunt for enemies

When it comes to survival games, Rust is very different. It focuses a lot more on PvP than PvE. Players start as lost souls with sticks and work their way up to highly advanced military warriors with huge bases and a huge variety of weapons and loot that can be used to get more weapons and loot or to destroy other players on the same server who are trying to build their own empires. This helps make the world harsh and realistic.

Doodle Jump is a hard game to get into at first, and many servers are pretty hostile toward new groups because other players are always ready to take advantage of them. But Rust can be a lot of fun when played with a group of friends who are ready to help each other out in any fight. In addition to the PvP parts, Rust has great growth that feels really satisfying. Survival coop fans should definitely give it a try.


Valheim gameplay

As with many survival games, Valheim has some parts that need to be “grubbed.” For example, it takes a long time to mine materials to make things and build bases. However, grinding is always faster and more fun when you have friends along for the ride. This is why cooperative play is the best way to enjoy this new adaptation of the survival genre.

Up to ten people can fight together on Valheim, which is based on Norse folklore and is very harsh. The world is set in a time when fighters who have died come to show they deserve to go to Valhalla. With nothing to start with, players have to fight different bad guys as they make their way through this beautiful open world. It’s easier and more fun to do this with friends.


Raft Maya Rouhi Cropped

Raft is a coop survival game that isn’t as well finished but is still fun. More parts were added to this game while it was in early access for a long time, but people found it and played it with their friends right away. At the start of the game, players are dropped off with their friends on a small raft in the middle of the ocean. This can either make or break bonds.

The hardest part of Raft is always having to move. Going to islands and gathering resources while sharks try to eat pieces of the raft and not being able to stop the raft from moving around means that groups of friends trying to play together may be able to get a lot done, but they will always be under a lot of stress while doing it.


An image showcasing characters from Terraria

Many people think that Terraria is like Minecraft, but in a 2D world. It has been a perennial favorite of survival game fans for a long time. Playing Terraria lets you make a lot of different things and explore the world while trying to build your base and name in this beautiful 2D game.

In Terraria, friends can do a lot of common survival game things together, like digging, fighting, building, and traveling. Many people have made copies and clones of this great game, even though it was originally a lot like Minecraft.Terraria has also been hailed as one of the best Metroidvania games released in the past ten years. This is a really unique idea, since Metroidvania games don’t usually belong in the survival genre.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved Tek Armor

Ark is another well-reviewed game that is fun for groups of people to play together. It takes place in one of the least friendly survival worlds ever made. Ark is a very stressful world to get through because it is full of historical and magical creatures and maybe other players who want to kill you. Thankfully, it can be played with friends, which makes it a lot more fun and less stressful.

Ark is all about making things and training animals that you can then ride around on. For that reason, it is the best game for people who have always wanted to ride dinosaurs with their friends. Most people think that Ark isn’t as serious as games like Rust, but if you want to play a more action-packed survival game with other people, it’s great.