10 Effective Creative Ways To Use Your Lanyards

Lanyards are a simple accessory used in a lot of businesses and offices! Hold on a minute, who said lanyards are a simple accessory?

Well, whoever said it might not know that these cords are not only used to hold name tags but they can be used for a hundred different purposes. That is right, silly!

These lanyards can be used innovatively to market your brand, make life easier for your employees, and a lot more.

Can’t think of new ways to use your lanyards?

Worry not! In this blog, we have unveiled ten creative ways to use your lanyards that extend beyond your business’s traditional name tag.

So, dive right in to get familiar with innovative ways to make the most out of them.

Show Off Your Brand By Using Lanyards Innovatively


Giveaways are a perfect way to enhance customer loyalty, reach new audiences, boost brand recognition, and a lot more. Are you thinking of hosting giveaways, too? Awesome! But what will you give? Hmm! Now, that is truly food for thought!

Mugs? No, they are too pricey! Pens? Nope, they are too mainstream. How about you opt for printed lanyards in UK this time? Ooh! This is a viable option!

You can personalise these cords with your company slogan or logo with an impactful design that resonates with your brand’s message. Furthermore, you can also add colourful beads and charms to make your lanyards look cutesy. These make an ideal giveaway gift for conventions, trade shows, or any other marketing event.


If you do not want to hand out boring old lanyards, then what is stopping you from adding a bit of much-needed style and flair to your lanyard game? Hmm? The best part about these cords is that they can be personalised easily. Consider adding a wristband to your lanyard! These bands come in various styles, materials, and sizes, so select the one that suits your brand’s needs the most.

No matter whether it is a creative beaded bracelet or a simple silicone band with your logo, these wristbands make perfect additions to any lanyard. Wristbands not only look dope, but they are also practical, as they can be used to hold flash drives, keys, or any other small item.

Swag Bags

If you are willing to publicise your business, then look no further than swag bags! No matter whether you opt for a customer appreciation gift, a goody bag for a trade show, an employee gift, etc., you can always use custom lanyards to showcase your brand and add a dash of extra touch.

Basic lanyards printing UK can be done on any material, from cotton to polyester or even silk. You can have your company slogan or logo printed on these cords to show off your brand. To make these lanyards stick out more, opt for unique shapes or patterns with colourful designs.

Employee Gifts

Lanyards are truly a fantastic option to show appreciation for your employees’ hard work. You can give your hard-working employees a lanyard with their names printed on it. Furthermore, you can also tailor these cords with any inspirational quote or the company’s logo. Trust us! Not only will your employees appreciate the thought, but they will also be able to show off their pride in the job.

These cords can also be used to carry keys and identification cards. You can have them personalised in unique designs and catchy colours to make them something that fits each and every employee’s persona. By doing so, you will keep your staff motivated and feel appreciated. Isn’t that what you wanted?

Trade Show Swag

Trade shows serve as an excellent opportunity to get your brand in front of prospective clients. Hold on a minute, silly! What is your plan to make your brand stand out in a sea of booths? What? You don’t have any plan? *facepalm*

Luckily, we have a plan! Why don’t you use lanyards as trade show swag to help your brand make a long-lasting impression? Custom-printed lanyards are an efficient way to display your company slogan or logo.

Moreover, they are also convenient for attendees to keep track of their essential items, such as their keys or name tags. You can use eye-striking colours to draw attention to your booth. With the right colour and attention-grabbing design, you can surely make a great impact at the upcoming trade show. Hoorah!

Key Chains

Apart from the creative uses of lanyards discussed above, using them as key chains is yet another valuable and versatile way to boost your brand. Besides looking ravishing, these cords can help your employees and clients keep track of their small essential items. So, feel free to personalise your key chains with unique sayings, particular design elements, company logos, etc.

These custom woven lanyards are easy to make and quite lighter on the pockets. So, you can easily have them tailored in bulk for any event. Believe us! They are a practical way to add a dash of function and fun to your brand. Hell yeah!

Phone Charms

Phone charms have become a widely popular way to personalise your mobile phones and make them distinguishable from everyone else’s. So, if you are on the hunt for an innovative way to spread your brand message and name, then consider making custom phone charms out of these cords.

These dainty charms can be adorned as a jewellery item or can be attached directly to bags, key chains, and even phones. Apart from being eye-striking, these charms are instrumental and a perfect way to show off your brand name. With the appropriate design, your lanyard phone charms will truly become the talk of the town in no time.

Customer Appreciation Gifts

Another way to show appreciation to your clients is by gifting them lanyards. These cords are fashionable and functional at the same time, thus making them perfect for any occasion. You can use these cords to hand out thank-you cards, coupons, branded products with your company slogan or logo, etc.

By doing so, you will not only make them feel valuable, but it will also serve as a keepsake that will remind them of your brand. Such tiny tokens of appreciation can make a huge impact in fostering your relationships with your clients and ensuring that they come back.

Zipper Pulls

Using lanyards as zipper pulls adds a dash of flair to your employees’ and customers’ wardrobes. They serve as an excellent way to display your company’s unique design or logo. You can personalise each polyester lanyards printing zipper pull for purses, jackets, backpacks, or any other item having a zipper. These pulls make it much easier to close and open a zipper. Thus, they add to overall convenience.


Using these cords as bookmarks is an excellent way to offer your clients something useful while also marketing your business. You can personalise these bookmarks with your contact information and logo and even attach ribbons or charms to make them pop out. These cords are durable, hence make an excellent bookmark.

You Can Use Lanyards In A Hundreds Of Ways

Above are just some of the most creative ways through which these fancy lanyards can help you in your day-to-day life. As a matter of fact, there is no restriction as to what you can do with these cords! They are quality-made and cost-effective solutions for every entrepreneur who is looking to market their brand in the best way possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and contact a genuine and trustworthy lanyard manufacturer to get your hands on the most eye-striking lanyard for your brand. Use these cords in any of the methods mentioned above to boost your brand effectively.