10 Duas for Ramadan is a holy month of fasting, prayer

10 Duas for Ramadan” Believers attempt to deepen their relationship with Allah during this auspicious month by performing acts of worship such as supplication, almsgiving, and Quran recitation. During Ramadan, duas, or prayers, are very important because they give believers a chance to ask the Almighty for guidance, forgiveness, and blessings.

Firhana Imam has curated “10 Duas for Ramadan” which is presented in this booklet. During this auspicious month, people can express their deepest desires and ask Allah for mercy and grace through a variety of intentions and aspirations included in these prayers.

1. Dua for Fasting Acceptance:

Accept my fasting during this auspicious Ramadan, O Allah. Give me the fortitude and tenacity to keep the fasts true and observant. Through this act of worship, purify my heart and soul, and may my fasting serve as a way for me to get closer to You.

2. A Dua for Forgiveness and Wisdom:

Ya Allah, please lead me in the correct direction and show me mercy during this holy month. Fill my heart with Your light and give me the discernment to make the right decisions. Help me resist temptation and maintain the integrity of my actions and faith.

3. The Forgiveness Dua:

Pardon me for my transgressions and shortcomings, O Most Merciful. Please pardon my known and unknowing transgressions and shortcomings. Give me the courage to honestly ask for forgiveness and to make amends for what I have done. Please count me among those who receive Your abundant mercy and forgiveness.

4. Strength and Patience Dua:

Ya Allah, give me the perseverance and fortitude to resist the temptations and difficulties I encounter throughout Ramadan. Please help me to continue worshipping in spite of obstacles and diversions. Bless me with perseverance during this holy month as I pray, fast, and do good deeds.

5. The Dua for Community and Family:

Bless my family, O Allah, and my community this Ramadan. bolster the ties that bind us together in love and unity. Give us the 10 Duas for Ramadan chance to encourage and support one another in our righteousness and faith. I hope that this month brings us all blessings and harmony.

6. Dua for Charity and Generosity:

Throughout Ramadan, Ya Rabb, please instill in me a spirit of kindness and compassion. Assist me in identifying the needs of others and empower me to generously donate my time, money, and resources. May the people who are less fortunate benefit and feel comforted from my charitable and kind deeds.

7. A spiritually enlightening dua

Throughout Ramadan, O Allah, shine Your divine light and wisdom into my heart. Please give me a deeper comprehension of the Sunnah and Quran. Assist me to consider its lessons and implement them in my day-to-day activities. I hope that this month brings me enlightenment and spiritual growth.

8. Dua for Evil-Prevention:

Ya Hafiz, keep me safe this Ramadan from the whispers of Shaytan and the forces of evil. Keep my heart and mind safe from bad ideas and temptations. Give me the fortitude to withstand sin and transgression, and assist me in remaining on the straight and narrow path.

9. The Health and Well-Being Dua:

O God, grant me health and happiness all during Ramadan. Please give me the strength and vitality to carry out my religious obligations to the best of my abilities. Please grant me and my loved ones Your mercy and shield us from disease and misfortune.

10. The Blessed Eid Dua:

Ya Kareem, may we have a happy and blessed Eid celebration as Ramadan comes to an end. Accept our prayers, acts of worship, and fasting. As we come together to celebrate this momentous occasion with family and friends, let us be filled with gratitude and joy. Allahu akbar.

In summary:

Many believers who are trying to make the most of this holy month find inspiration and direction from these Ramadan duas. This time, let us approach seeking Allah’s pardon, mercy, and blessings with humility, sincerity, and devotion. May the work we do this Ramadan draw us nearer to our Creator and fill our lives with divine grace and spiritual fulfilment.